Why the FSP Trainer can enhance your golf swing

It’s an objective based learning tool. There’s nothing complicated to do or remember. If you can swing the club between the sponges your swing will improve. Period.

You’re forced to learn a better swing. Some swing trainers physically guide the club into the correct positions – this isn’t helping you. With my FSP Trainer there is nothing touching your club – you are actually learning the correct swing all by yourself. This ensures changes are long lasting and permanent. Changes are hardwired deep into your brain in the fastest time possible.

You get instant feedback. Each time you make a bad pass at the ball you’ll know about it. From here corrections are a million (yes, a million) times easier.

It will help you cure your slice, hook, shank and terrible miss hits.

If you’re able to swing the club between the sponges (you will absolutely be able to do this because it’s a relatively simple objective) you’ll develop a better swing. It possibly can’t get any easier than this.

All parts of your swing will improve naturally. You won’t slide or lunge (because you’ll hit a sponge). You won’t spin out (because you’ll hit a sponge). You won’t over rotate your forearms (because you’ll hit a sponge). You won’t cast or throw the club from the top (because you’ll hit a sponge). You’ll get into a better top of backswing position (because it makes it easier to avoid hitting sponges). It really is this simple. This is so important I should write a book about it!

It helps you learn a better free flowing golf swing – you’re not focused on a single part of the swing (like the backswing or swing plane) – you’re learning a continuous full and free flowing motion. You’ll see improved timing and rhythm as a result. Your golf swing will flow, almost like a dance.

You’ll learn to hit the sweet spot more of the time. This gives you better accuracy and more power. And one more thing – CONSISTENCY

It’s fun. Way better than doing boring mirror drills or most other of those golf drills you’ve read in the magazines or seen on the Golf Channel.

It allows you to improve on your natural swing. It works with what you’ve got, rather than trying to turn you into a robot. This might be its greatest asset. There’s no point in trying to get you to do things your body wasn’t designed to do. It’s also not trying to get you to be like Tiger or any other superstar. It makes the most of what you’ve got. It also minimizes stress and strain on your body which is another beautiful benefit.

The next step ...

If you’d like more information about what you’ve learned today, I have put together a special page where you can view things in more detail. Please visit:


But before you do I’d like to give you one more little task to prove to you the accuracy of the information presented here.

Go and find any golf magazine and look at the pictures of the golf stars. Then look for the FSP in action. Check out their angle of attack, look at their clubface and study the position of the clubhead before and after impact. Any good player achieves the FSP and is the reason why they are able to play so well.

If you’re able, compare the pro’s flat spot with yours or any other “regular” golfer. The difference is usually obvious. On the next page I'm going to share some super-important information on who is best suited to using the FSP Trainer.

A very simple golf swing. More power, less effort. And way less strain on the body.