Cameron Strachan's and Automatic Golf's Philosophy (with respects to golf coaching)

I live by a few rules when it comes to golf coaching. Here are the main ones;

  1. A learning methodology rather than a technical one. It's my contention that there is way too much technical theories and instructions for golfers to follow.

    While some golfers can take in lots of technical advice, there's a huge percentage of the population who cannot.

    With a learning mindset, we can bypass a lot of the rubbish and focus on playing golf. When done well, you can still optimise your technique - but you don't have to ruin your game in the process.

  2. Have Fun. I know that "fun" has become a bit of a cliche but it is important. What tends to make having fun hard is the golfer is NOT given a blueprint on how to enjoy. Here's what usually happens:

    Golfer is fed a lot of technical rules/regulations. Golfer has trouble making his body go into certain positions or he feels like he can't play decently with so many ideas running around his head.

    He then gets told to go and play and have FUN. But this is all but impossible because his mind in over run and he really has no chance of playing freely.

    When a golfer actually learns to have fun, he increases the chances of learning taking place and when learning happens, performance (results) happen as a side effect.

  3. Deep satisfaction. There's not nearly enough coaching leading to satisfaction. This goes deeper than just "fun" and ensures golf becomes the greatest sport in the world. With satisfaction comes mastery and a lifelong passion of playing golf, performing under pressure and learning.

    My best clients even tell me that mastery on the golf course has led to a better life off the course. This includes, but not limited to, personal relationships, business and family life.

  4. Play Golf. I want golfers to get away from working on their golf swing and hitting balls at the driving range. The magic (and deep learning) happen when you play golf. The golf course is the ultimate learning ground and where Automatic Golf should be played.

If you want to dip your toe into the water and learn about Automatic Golf and Natural Learning, then I recommend starting with my Look and Shoot Putting Course or this book.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to helping you with your game.