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Look & Shoot Putting System

How You Can Unlock Your Authentic Putting Game & Start Sinking Putts Consistently, In A Way That Matters To You.

Putting. It should be the simplest of all sporting tasks but it isn't. At least not for every golfer. Some of us crazy golfers are so bad at putting that golf can be downright miserable. Ideal for golfers who;

Get so nervouse we can't take the putter away from the ball
Miss the easy putts and three-putt way too often
Feel depressed, embarrassed and start to dislike the game

UnF*ck Your Golf Swing

Cameron's "naughty" little golf book on truly simplifying your golf swing and playing/swinging with more freedom

Let's get straight to the point:
Many golfers find typical golf instruction IMPOSSIBLE. 

UFYGS will show you an easier and faster approach to owning a better golf swing. 

What science says is the only real fundamental
The BEST (and second best) golf swing learning exercises
More power. Less effort. Reduced mental anguish and frustration.

Golf Swing Domination (GSD)

GSD is Cameron’s 20+ year quest to find the simplest and most efficient way to owning the very BEST version of YOUR own golf swing

Many golfers struggle with typical golf swing instruction and can spend years going around in circles and NOT getting better. Here's why; 

It complicates an already difficult game, making consistency impossible
It tends to promote a weak and powerless slice ball (90% of golfers struggle with this)
And the harder you try and the more lessons you take, the worse things can become.

Swing First. Worry Later

This is Cameron's latest book on natural and automatic learning that can help you simplify your game and get you going in the right direction.

Way back in the day I wrote over 800 articles on the golf learning process and all things peak golf performance. Swing First. Worry Later is a collection of my favourite golf stories, golf lessons and learning insights. This book comes with audiobook version too.

Dot Putter

The Amazing "Aussie" Putter That Makes Perfect Alignment & Putting With More Confidence Possible.

They say the best ideas are simple ones and I'm sure many are going to say, "why didn't I think of that?". I've been testing this putter for a while now and I really like this DOT system. It only takes a split second to get the perfect set-up and then you're away. Some benefits:

A fantastic feeling butter - it just feels so good in your hands
A sensational feeling grip. It is probably the best putter grip I have ever held
A unique alignment system which separates it from almost any other putter

Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach

Controversial Golf Book That Cuts The Garbage & Gets To The Heart Of Golf Improvement (The actual science of learning)

One of the most popular books I've written on golf learning and peak performance. Discover the story behind Automatic Golf and how I went from a struggling golfer who COULD NOT play under pressure to having one of the lowest handicaps in the country. All without needing to devote too much time to practice or swing changes. Comes with bonus audio.

How To Coach Kids at Golf

How to coach kids at golf and maximise their learning potential

How To Coach Kids at Golf.

In many ways, it’s one of the best things I have done. It’s probably the most important.

If you’re interested in becoming a better coach for your child, grandchild, partner, friend or even for your own game, then I encourage you to check this out:

Subliminal Learning Audios

This might just be the future of peak golf performance

There's an interesting story behind how these audios came to life. I have put together a detailed page that will give you the full story. These audios are all about;

Playing your best under pressure
Building confidence
Reducing poor decisions and "brain fades"

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The Putting Manifesto

How to unlock your authentic putting game

This little booklet might just be the best thing I've written and I'm giving it away to ALL serious golfers. Discover the path to true golf success and enjoyment.

Check out the link below for one of the most important putting stories I've written.

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