About Cameron Strachan

The first thing you should know is that I was once a self-confessed golf hack. Despite long hours of practice, heaps of lessons and weekly golf games I couldn’t work this golf thing out.

I was pathetic. I would throw clubs, get mad and generally make an idiot out of myself. The game definitely got the better of me.

But I’m stubborn, with a strong desire to prove people wrong. And I was lucky enough to make one significant discovery.

Golf is no harder to learn than any other skill.

Walking, talking, riding a bike, throwing a ball. You get the idea.

This one little realisation changed my game for the better. At the same time it unearthed a terrible problem in the mainstream golf world. Most of what you’re being told to do isn’t working.

When I stopped listening to all the so called experts my game got better. At my peak I had one of the lowest handicaps in Australia (plus 3) and I achieved this without playing full-time or daily practice sessions. I did all this by playing/practicing no more than the typical golfer and still working full-time. 

Best of all I achieved a deep satisfaction that only comes when you can truly trust you game.

Some of what I’ve achieved;

My passion has been to share the Automatic Golf principles with as many golfers as possible. And if these ideas can help ONE extra golfer play with more enthusiasm and enjoyment then it has been worth the effort.

If you want to read even more about me and my coaching ideas you can do so here.

”Cameron you are spot on. I am returning to golf after heart surgery and a frozen shoulder. I have been stretching and following your Bioswing advice. Yesterday I took my first full swings and the ball took off. My strength is down and my timing is not quite there but it was a fabulous feeling to strike the ball in the middle of the club and watch the ball fly just as I intended.

Your methodology far exceeds any that I have witnessed in 41 years of teaching/coaching golf. Congratulations and continue your excellent work”

Kevin O'Neill
Master Golf Teacher
Inventor of the Dot Putter

"I can only confirm that you're correct.
A bad shoulder due to trying to kill whip that little birdie ball last year had me go from 11 hcp to 15.5.
I played less this year, no competitions and applied the BioSwing principle and training tools.
Wow! Pleasure is back, pain is gone and playing around 10.
I am 64 and this is kids stuff.
It is a fine tuned system and you are a Guru.
Congratulations.(I think my Pro is not fond of you as we now say hello and good bye!)"

Stefan, from Sweden