Who should use the FSP Trainer?

It’s ideal for any golfer who wants to learn an effective swing. The FSP Trainer makes it easy for you to learn the correct sequence of the swing without getting bogged down with complicated swing details. It also quickly gives you the right “feel” for good and bad swings. This improves learning time rapidly.

This device has been created around the principles of science, the science of learning and biomechanics and will give you an immediate advantage, both physically and mentally.

Here’s what you’re about to learn;

Set Up: You’ll instinctively adopt a square stance - no more alignment or ball position issues and less things to worry about.
Takeaway: Once the club negotiates the gates on the way back you’ll naturally be on the correct swing plane. From here the golf swing becomes infinitely more simpler and easier.
Top of backswing: I have found that golfers naturally adopt a shorter and more comfortable backswing position because this aids in avoiding the devices on the through swing. A shorter backswing position has been proven to be easier on the body without limiting distance.
The downswing: This is where these learning tools do their best work. A common problem on the way down is for many golfers to spin out. Spinning is a byproduct of “big muscle” theory and is the cause of the slice ball. In the past you’ve had no way of knowing your mistake (only to see the ball slice away or be pulled way to the left). With my training aides you get instant feedback when you strike a sponge. And the beauty of your learning system is it will only put up with the sponge strike for a little while - it gets annoying to reset the sponges so it will naturally adjust your swing so it approaches the ball on the correct path.
Timing: Have you ever wondered why the best players make the game look so easy? When they achieve the FSP they get the feeling they have more time to hit the ball. The harder they swing the further the ball goes without any loss of accuracy. It’s a powerful feeling that until now has been almost impossible to teach.
Power: And finally you’ll learn the secret to apply maximum power to the ball. You’ll start hitting the ball solidly and on the sweet spot. All this gives you extra distance without wasting effort. It’s a pure mechanical advantage that comes when the laws of science are on your side. In the past when you’ve tried to hit the ball harder you’ve had to stress and strain every joint and muscle in your body. Worse, hitting harder usually results in the ball going further into the trees. With the Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher you’re going to learn a better swing, with sound biomechanics so you’ll swing with more confidence and see the ball flying further and straighter.

Is it for you?

Over the years I have spoken to many golfers who want to improve their golf swing. Most are looking for a simple solution - they don’t have time to fuss about with complicated swing changes or fancy new techniques. Golfers also tend not be interested in spending long hours on the practice fairway or rebuilding their game from scratch.

If this sounds like you then the FSP Trainer is ideal. It cuts through the garbage of mainstream instruction and allow you to learn a better golf swing without having to think about hundreds of swing thoughts and other technical garbage. For example,

If you slice the ball chances are you have an open stance and come over the top of the ball. You have a flat spot that is either really small or non existent. You may hit the odd good shot but chances are you regularly hit a weak banana ball to the right.

After a few minutes you’ll square up. It is really hard to have an open stance and swing through the foam gates. Instantly, you are sending a different message to your brain - it is starting to learn a better swing from the first try.

This one little correction then sets up a chain reaction of better moves. Your grip will probably change for the better, your backswing will be on an improved plane and you’ll reach a more powerful and natural top of backswing position. Perhaps, for the first time, you’ll start to feel (and learn) what it is like to hit the ball correctly - you’ll be balanced and start tapping into your natural power supply. Your swing is getting better because it has to - your learning system will do everything it can to achieve the objective (which is to swing through the foam gates).

The rest of your golf swing takes care of itself. The clubhead and clubface will be moving along the target line in harmony and the ball can only do one thing - fly true to the target. In time you’ll have the confidence (and enthusiasm) to swing harder and witness what your ideal swing can do for you.

With my FSP training device the process is clear:

Swing the club through the foam gates without touching them your golf swing will improve.

This simple objective makes the golf swing easier to achieve and your learning system is more than capable of achieving it. From here more power, accuracy and consistency is assured.

I’m not sure golf swing improvement can be made any simpler than this.

What Next?

I’d love for you to grab your club right now and apply the concepts you have learned today:

Choose a golf grip that feel great to you and allows you to swing the clubhead quickly

Use an arms and hands focused swing over a body dominated one. For many, this is the key that unlocks a way better swing right away and help you achieve a better FSP almost instantaneously

Develop the best version of the Flat Spot Principle that you can. Open up your awareness and feel your golf swing from start to finish.

Play golf. Learn to take your game to the course and play the game. You should not take lots of swing ideas and theories with you to the course. The golf course is for playing, hitting shots and having fun. Do not fiddle with your golf swing when you’re in playing mode.

If you’d like to place an order for the FSP Trainer please visit: 


I have recently updated the unit and now have stock. The price has been reduced significantly and comes with extra bonus training.

If you have any questions please contact me here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re able to use these scientific discoveries to play your best golf. Get outside now and see what an improved flat spot can do for your game. And the best thing to do right now is get outside with that 7 iron!

Best wishes,
Cameron Strachan
Queensland, Australia 

P.S. If you’re interested in the full story behind the scientific research (and you don’t want the Swing Trainer) then please get a copy of my book BioSwing, the golf swing of the future. Click here.

Nothing tells you what to do

"As a beginner to golf (started 18 Months ago aged 64) I have been searching the literature extensively and golf coaches for a method that teaches the basic golf swing.

Whilst coaches may give good advice, you have to no mechanical system for practicing the advice. Nothing keeps you on track and in a few hours you forget or get confused over what was said.

Until this Swing Trainer I found nothing - it’s all advice and theory of what to do but nothing that taught you how to do it.

The brilliance and simplicity of Cameron’s Swing Trainer is that you teach yourself what to do - you work out what your muscle system has to do in order to swing along the correct plane which I believe will then create an automatic natural swing. It’s like your car driving analogy - once you have some basic feel of what to do you start doing it automatically. i.e. once you know where the brake pedal is, you don’t need to keep searching for it.

The best part was that I can feel the difference between a good and bad swing instantly. I don’t have to over think - my mind is clear and I keep getting better.

I sincerely believe if I had the Swing Trainer 18 months ago I would have picked up the basic swing immediately.

Cameron should get a patent on this!"

Kind regards

Iain Edwards,
Sydney, NSW