Frequently Asked Questions

 How does it work?

The FSP Trainer is what I call an objective based training tool. This means you have one simple objective to complete with each swing. When you achieve this, you naturally execute a better and more reliable swing. And because you get instant feedback on all errors, your learning time is cut in half.

Does it work for left handers?

Yes, works for all golfers of all abilities.

Does the FSP Trainer work with my driver?

No, but I have a special device designed for your driver (see more on this page)

Can I hit balls from the FSP Trainer?

It’s not recommended. A mistake many make is trying to do too much with their practice. The idea is to focus 100% on working on your swing - not hitting balls. The hitting of balls is usually a distraction. For best results use the FSP Trainer for a few minutes then hit balls from outside of device. I have tested this extensively and can confidently say you’ll do far better if you DON’T attempt to hit balls from it. Or severally limit the amount of balls you hit.

Why does it work better than other training aides?

Because it’s the only device that focuses primarily on developing a longer flat spot. It also speeds up the learning time because you are encouraged to make a complete swing each time. Finally, the FSP Trainer is simple to use and makes golf improvement no harder than throwing a ball or riding a bike.

How can I order?

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. All my products come with a no BS guarantee. This means you can use the product and consume the content and give it your best shot. If you don’t feel the products have helped your golf then let me know and I’ll happily refund your purchase (30 days and you'll need to return any items back to me).

Are these products safe to use at home?

Yes. In fact, they have been designed to work on your game from the home or office. This is a brilliant learning environment because you’re free from distractions. You can focus specifically on your golf swing and not worry about anything else. I have been saying for a long time that golfers would do far better if they trained their swings at home and then went to the golf course to play.

There’s probably nothing more difficult than trying to fix your golf swing and play golf at the same time. Just doesn’t work.

 Do I really need these tools to improve?

Nope. There’s absolutely no pressure or hard sell from me. The fact is you can try and implement the changes without my training aide and many clients have done so. But, if you’d like to fast track your progress, the FSP Trainer will certainly help.

I’d like more information please, what can I do?

Forward any questions you have directly to me here.

I’m interested in the biomechanical research and other information you have on learning a better golf swing, what can I do?

Please visit this page to learn more about BioSwing and the scientific golf swing study