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This information is not about turning you into a robot and somehow magically giving you the perfect swing. The perfect swing is a myth. What this information is about is to get you closer to a swing that’s fit for you. Your swing. And if I can be so bold, “the perfect swing for you”.

This isn’t a contest to say my golf swing model is the best, and so and so uses it and I’ve won X number of tournaments. I don’t care about that. Most of this kind of talk is rubbish anyway. But if you can learn a better swing for you, starting today, then that’s all I care about. When a golfer can learn to swing with confidence and leave fear behind, really good things do happen.

So it’s less about the mythical perfect swing and more about giving you the confidence to swing without fear of the consequences. To give you enough information to know you’re on the right track so you can leave all the rest alone. Taking 47 swing thoughts to the golf course is no fun. It’s boring and ultimately exhausting. There is a better way.

My mission has become less about “the perfect golf swing” and more about helping golfers play with more enjoyment and enthusiasm.

And here’s something really profound that helped me immensely:

When I got to rub shoulders with these super-smart sports scientists and biomechanics, they taught me more about learning, golf and high performance than almost any golf instructor has.

Here’s what one sports scientist said to me:

“Cameron, the golf swing is only part of the game. Sure, it’s great to have a good swing and hit the ball a long way. But you don’t want to get too caught up in all the mechanics and you certainly don’t want to forget to play the game.

Here’s the thing. We know so much about the mechanics of the golf swing. And to be honest, more information is not really going to help.

What is going to help is better coaching. Helping golfers to break free and integrate what we already know. Almost nobody can learn to play their best golf by simply filling their minds with more theories and ideas.

You need to take what you’ve learned here (referring to the biomechancial study) and make learning to play golf as simple as possible.

The best coaches can simplify. The poor teachers just tell people what to do. Don’t ever forget that the true beauty of golf is getting golfers outside and hitting the ball. Help them to let their best version of their golf swing come to them. Don’t bamboozle them with too much theory and technique because the long term success of that approach is limited.”

So it’s fair to say for the next 15+ years I’ve been on a mission to simplify. Those scientists changed my thinking about the golf swing and how we should go about learning it.

The big take away for me was that it’s ok to try and fix our golf swing, but we just have to do it in a way that doesn’t destroy it in the process.

Let me share with you a way that might just work for you.

A better ( and simpler) golf swing

The FSP gives you a better golf swing. When your club achieves a flat spot you instantly receive a mechanical advantage. And it doesn’t matter what the rest of your golf swing looks like, even ugly swings can achieve a longer flat spot.

Please read carefully: The FSP isn’t about making you swing like Rory or Tiger. It’s about finding YOUR best swing. The FSP will reduce the severity of your slice (or hook) and make you a more consistent player. But it’s not about copying golfers, it’s about making you the best golfer YOU can be by making your golf swing better for your talent, commitment and experience.

When the clubhead, clubface and target line all work together you instantly have the secret to the golf swing. The physics are working with you rather than against, and this is the easiest way to unlocking your best golf swing. No more stuffing about with complicated technique or ineffective tips. No longer do you need to think of 487 rules - if you can improve your flat spot, you will become a better player.

But there is a problem.

And that is the FSP can be hard to learn. For the most part, you can’t just think about it. You can’t read about. And watching it on video doesn’t help much either. You need a shift in mindset to learn how to take advantage of it.

The only way you’re going to learn how to achieve the FSP is to force your body and brain to adopt a new pattern. This is why opening your awareness and swinging in the backyard is a great start. And I encourage all golfers to get outside and swing. Feel the swing and become more aware of the clubhead and the clubface.

Note: I am not saying to get all technical at this point and swing so precisely you become tight and stiff. No. You need to swing freely and feel what is happening in your swing.

Others may need an objective based training tool to kick things along. Simply thinking about what it is you’re trying to do is not always enough. Even with increased awareness, you may not always be able to make a breakthrough.

Sidenote: And this is why it has been traditionally hard for you to improve your game. There is little feedback so you’re forced to guess what the mistake actually is. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to guess and if your golf swing could improve all by itself? Well, that is now possible.

The BEST WAY to learn the Flat Spot Principle

Ok, so learning to fix your swing is hard, there’s probably no surprise there. But there is a way and the key thing here is to get instant feedback. And by “instant” I really do mean right away.

The problem with traditional golf instruction is you’re not getting correct feedback instantly.

You get told you did something incorrectly after you hit the ball. This is too late.
You see a video of your swing after you’ve hit the ball. Way too late
You see the ball flight and assume you made a mistake. You then make some corrections.

Not ideal. Still too late and you probably make things up about what you did right or wrong. I call this “story telling”.

But when you receive feedback instantaneously, learning/ improvement/success becomes so much easier. Check this out.

A Golf Learning Device Specifically Designed To Help You Learn The FSP

Imagine if there was a tool that could help you learn this critical phase of the golf swing? Something that forced you to learn the correct mechanics by giving your system no other option. A tool that gave you instant feedback and helped you learn an optimal golf swing without all the pain and frustration usually associated with swing instruction.

On the next pages I’m going to show you this tool and the essential swing fundamentals it will help you learn. It’s called The FSP Trainer and it’s the only device in the world that has been created to help you learn the FSP quickly, easily and from home or office.

Note: I want to make this point very clear upfront so there’s absolutely no confusion. What I am showing you next is what I think is the very best way to learn the Flat Spot Principle.

There’s no pressure from me to purchase anything. In fact, you can absolutely make great strides by yourself (without a training aide), in the backyard, at the driving range and on the golf course. I’ve also had clients create their own devices using materials from around the home. So please don’t think I’m going the hard sell or anything like that.

The coaching on the following pages show how effective your learning system can be when you have the right information.

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