7 Ideal Golf Swing Positions That Can Be Learned Naturally

#1: The set-up

There’s nothing too exciting here but you’re forced to have a square alignment. It’s impossible to be too open or closed when your club is resting inside the trainer. It also helps with ball position and the correct posture (stand too far or close and you’ll start hitting sponges - not good).

The stance. A little boring but with this training device
you don’t need to over-worry about alignment, ball position or posture. It happens naturally.

#2 : The backswing

When you start the swing correctly you maximize the chances of hitting a great shot. The image below shows a good backswing - because the sponges haven’t been struck you know you’re on the right path.

Now we’re getting somewhere. With the Swing Trainer you’ll code a smooth and reliable backswing into your brain.

#3 : Bad backswing #1

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. In this swing the club has been drawn too far on the inside. Your pro will tell you this is not a good thing to do - unfortunately you never really know when you’re doing it. With the swing trainer you’ll know instantly. And it’s instant feedback that makes learning so much more easier.

Do you do this? It’s usually a result of over-turning. And this happens when you move your body too much.

#4 : Bad backswing #2

Oops. This is a bad takeaway. If you do this for too long you’ll never play anywhere near decently. Luckily, with the FSP Trainer your senses will get a shock when you whack the sponge. Your learning system won’t put up with this for long and you’ll naturally find a better backswing path.

This is no good. If you do this then you really need some help. It’s very difficult to play consistently with this move.

#5 : A Nice Swing

Success! When you start the club back correctly you greatly increase the chances of making a successful swing. Sometimes when you’re a little out early, you’ll be a long way off late. Thankfully, there’s now a way to improve your backswing without a lot of fuss or effort. There’s less guesswork and this will greatly enhance learning time. Golf improvement has just gotten a lot simpler.

Success! The club has made it through the gates without touching them. An ideal swing. Its perfection and you’re getting the right feedback!

#6 : Downswing move

Yuck! Does this swing look (and feel) familiar? If you suffer from a slice you’ll know what I'm talking about. It’s the dreaded “over the top” move and is the cause for a big slice. Sometimes you’ll get a huge pull to the left, but the cause is the same.

The ugly, horrible and slice causing over-the-top move.

Guess what’s going to happen next?

#7 : Thump!

You guessed it. If you swing over the top you’re going to hit at least two sponges. The beauty of this is that you are once again receiving instant feedback. The second you strike a sponge you know you’ve made a mistake. And because you know which sponge(s) you’ve hit the correction is simpler. There’s no guessing or making up stories. You know right away the cause of the problem.

Make a bad swing and you’ll strike a sponge. Make a really bad swing and you’ll hit two of them. If you hit more than two sponges you need some serious practice time.

Perfection comes next!

Are you getting all of this? Can you see how this tool works? Can you understand how effective it is in helping you learn a better swing?

You see, it’s not enough to be told WHAT to do. Words are not enough. We need to actually force our bodies to do what is right. And if we get off track we need an instant reminder that something was amiss. And the key word here is INSTANT. It’s not good enough to view your swing on video a few minutes later. It’s too late if your coach TELLS you that you made a mistake. You need to know right away. Like the instant you do it. With the FSP Trainer you get instant feedback.

A very important point that needs your full attention

By this stage you’re probably agreeing that instant feedback is a good thing. You may also be wondering about those huge swing contraptions that have wires and hoops that guide your club from start to finish - are these any good?

Nope. Not one bit. And the reason they’re no good is they aren’t allowing you to LEARN a swing. They are unnaturally guiding the club - and this is not how we learn to make a motion. If the club is resting on something then you are getting exercise, not golf improvement. There is no learning happening here peeps.

With the FSP Trainer your entire learning system is being activated to achieve the objective of swinging the club from start to finish through the foam gates. There is nothing for the club to rest on so YOU have to initiate and make the motion. You’re learning. You’re learning the correct path the club must take. A good swing is being hardwired into your brain. You’re being challenged each step of the way.

When you get off track then WHACK! You get an instant reminder that there was something wrong. And because a lot of the learning process takes place at the subconscious level, improvement will happen without you having to think about it. It will just happen. There’s a lot less conscious thought and worry about what you’re doing right or wrong. There’s less energy being used. Golf learning and improvement has been simplified.

I should also add that continually replacing the sponges does become a pain in the *^%$. So if nothing else you’ll want to avoid hitting them to bypass the inconvenience of resetting them.

And when you do make a swing without hitting the sponges you’ll get an injection of confidence because you’ll know instantly that you’ve made a very good golf swing. You’re on your way to owning a better golf swing.

Another important point:

You’re also learning a continuous and flowing motion. This is important because while it may seem logical to practice just your backswing (or some other swing part) this is not always ideal. Research has shown when you practice part of your technique you perform this “part practice” completely differently from the real deal. Read: the technique isn’t even close.

You are far better off learning the swing as a complete motion. This complete swing is what you need to take to the golf course. Learning bits and pieces of the swing, and then feeling you’ll be able to put them back together again is not possible.

It’s time for a change. You should seriously consider moving away from learning one segment of the swing at a time and instead focus on a free flowing, natural and complete swing.

Let’s take a look at two critical key areas of an ideal golf swing.

Get these right and you’re guaranteed better shots right away

Downswing Move