How To Play Better Golf

Promise me you'll forget those preconceived ideas about golf performance. And please stop making the game harder than it needs to be. Stop thinking that your golf swing is the most important part. Stop thinking you have special powers that allow you to magically control your golf swing. You don’t.

And most of all stop thinking that others have more of an idea than you do. Because, somewhere inside you there is a better golfer waiting to be let out. How can I say this? Because I’m willing to bet that you’ve already hit hundreds or maybe thousands of successful golf shots. Your problem is nobody has shown you how to tap into this talent regularly.

Do we have a deal? Are you ready to try something that has been proven to work?

To finish off: If you want your golf game to succeed on the golf course (where it truly matters) and you’re keen to play better golf this weekend then you'd better:

Find your natural swing – This is the fantastic swing that shows up every now and then (it goes missing because you keep getting in the way). Your natural swing is easier, more powerful and vastly more reliable than anything else you’ve been trying to do. This is the swing that hits all those wonderful shots when you’re in the zone. I’m certain that you’ve got a great golf swing inside, you’ve just got to let it out.
Let your subconscious do what it really wants and is designed to do - Do you find it fun to go out to the golf course with a head full of swing tips? Are thoughts of grip, stance and swing holding you back? If you’ve been playing for any length of time and still not getting the results you know you’re capable of, then just maybe it’s time to try something different.
Learn to live with a lower handicap and consistent play - Because when you learn to get out of your own way the game really does become more enjoyable. And strange things start to happen,
You’ll hit the ball further and with less effort. It might just be the simplest and easiest way to add metres/yards to your game.
The game seems almost too easy. Shots that would normally find the bunker now find the green. You spend less time in the rough and can admire the course from the centre of the fairway. Your improvement is almost insignificant to an outsider, but your progress is unmistakable.
Your scores will come down and you’ll wonder why you ever used to think golf was so difficult.
Your golfing buddies will think you’re blessed with some kind of special power.
You’ll play better golf under pressure instead of choking and making a fool of yourself.
You can drive to the course knowing you’re going to play well.
You’ll minimise those disaster holes that ruin your score and sap your confidence.
You can start to play more consistently, lower your handicap and shoot better scores.
You’ll have more fun/excitement/satisfaction because you now have a system to play your best golf most of the time.
And yes! You can even play better golf by the weekend.

In my time as a golfer, author and coach I've seen and heard all the theories (including being part of a major biomechanical study into the golf swing). And I've tried most things and most of them offered very little. I decided many years ago that I'd walk my own path, that I'd do what felt good to me and forget about what the so called experts wanted me to do.

The result was nothing short of remarkable. Best of all it was far easier than everything else I'd tried. Automatic learning offered me consistent, powerful and predictable golf. The hardest thing was realising I had the answers all along, not some swing coach or self-confessed guru.

It’s a tough step. It seems like the right thing to do to put your trust with the “experts”. But just maybe you’re here because you haven’t been playing as well as you know you should. And you’re fed up because you’ve been listening to too many others and not yourself. If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to play golf your way.

The next step is to go deeper. Get out there and play the game in a way that satisfies you. Stop thinking so much and let your real game shine through. It’s easy to read these words and think about what has been said. But this is not enough. You need to get off the couch and go play. This is the only way.

Do this and I can promise you’ll experience something remarkable. Your best score. An amazing shot. Or just a more enjoyable round. It might take a round or two, but something will happen that may change the way you think about the game.

And that’s my hope. Something significant will happen to convince you this is the right approach. Just maybe you’ll realise that you’ve had the talent and skill inside you all along and most of what you’ve been told is a waste.

A waste of time and energy. Worse. Maybe it’s a waste of golfing years you’ll never get back. Don’t delay any longer. Start playing your best golf today. There’s no better time than now.

If you're really keen I'd like to show you what has worked for me and my best clients...