I’ve been writing about golf and the improvement process for years now. I’ve actually authored a dozen or so books and they might just be the most comprehensive books on natural and instinctive learning for golf.

Using my ideas...

... I went from self-confessed hacker to a master golfer. Mastery for me wasn’t winning the US Open or beating the pros. It’s being able to own my swing and play more consistently. It’s about having more fun and feeling in control of my game. It’s about replacing fear and disappointment with satisfaction. And you can do the same.

And the best bit? Your scores will come down as a natural side-effect. At the height of my frustration (prior to understanding Automatic Golf) I lost the plot - started hating golf and nearly walked away. When natural learning kicked in, I reduced my handicap to below scratch (in weeks, not years) and unlocked my full scoring potential.

I’ve been able to use golf as a learning vehicle that has not only allowed me to master MY game, but has helped me have profound experiences off the golf course too.

Automatic Golf is absolutely incredible. It's not a quick fix. It takes time. I really feel my game is seriously coming together. If I can just get rid of those 3 bad holes per round coupled with my love for putting I think I could get down to at least a 2/3 handicap.

It's sounds like a big ask but now its possible.

Maybe my dream of getting into the seniors tour is possible...

... I’ve now used it for the last 4 rounds. Jeez… My putting stats are out if this world. I’m now averaging 30 putts a round (used to be 35). I no longer panic when I get to the green and I honestly think this will get better.

I’m notorious when I got to a new course as my putting can almost be in the 38+ figures (2 of the above rounds where on new courses).

Sanj Kumar, UK

Hi Cameron,

I’ve been a fan of your simple methods for a good while but sometimes when you are in the heat of the moment on the course (you know the story – when you are up to your arse in crocodiles it is sometimes hard to remember you are there to just drain the swamp!!) you lose your focus.

I have been struggling with an elbow injury for a while and it has been really frustrating but last Saturday in the final round of our captains trophy stroke comp (and having re-looked at some of your stuff) I had my best round for about 2 months and walked away with the trophy plus a reduction in my handicap. So happy!!! Thanks again for for your insights.

n the 38+ figures (2 of the above rounds where on new courses).

Jeff Reuter

It’s all way easier than you’d think and could be the simplest and easiest way to improve your play. There’s no complicated swing theory or difficult things to remember. If you’ve been playing golf for more than a year but are still frustrated and confused at your poor play, then let me show you how to re-ignite your A-game.

Golf instruction is a mess. It’s falling apart and a lot of people who want to succeed (you) are frustrated because what you’re being told to do isn’t working. It’s time to forget all of the conflicting theories and get on with playing the game you love.

It’s time for a change. This doesn’t require you to build a new swing, go to the gym or purchase new clubs. Success is about ignoring a system that has let you down and learning to play golf the way you want to.

Aim higher. If you can throw a ball, drive a car or ride a bike you have the talent to play better golf. The talent is inside you. Let’s unleash it.

If you’re keen to learn more about Automatic Golf then please check out my Automatic Golf Fast Start System. You get instant access to the exact lessons that I use to help all golfers, from weekend warriors to golf professionals, reignite their game and start playing their best.

You get immediate access to my favourite book, a complimentary audio (about 60 minutes) and a video run through (case study) of my winning process that has been used by golfers from all over the world.

Best of all, because you have come this far, you get the complete Fast Start Kit for a special introductory price. If you’re fed up with inconsistent play, frustrated because you can’t play as well as you know you should and you just want an easier way to play golf, then I know you’ll get a lot out of it.

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Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

P.S. Automatic Golf really does simplify the process of playing golf. You’re able to cut through all the rubbish and focus on the really important things that have the most impact. It’s more bang for your buck where you can use the smallest hinge to swing the biggest door.

P.P.S. Many golfers don’t like this approach because they are obsessed with their swing technique and believe better mechanics are the only way forward. What these golfers don’t know is that with Automatic Golf you get the best of both worlds, you’re able to enhance your swing the RIGHT WAY and then take that swing to the golf course and perform optimally.

P.P.PS. My best clients tell me that Automatic Golf and natural learning helps them away from the golf course too. It gives them more clarity, confidence and courage to do what they want. And this has been my experience too - learning is learning and it carries over to everything we do.

P.P.P.P.S. My typical client has had all the lessons, read all the books and tried everything to get better at golf. For the most part, they are still dissatisfied. They play well some of the time, but are oftentimes left frustrated because they know they have more game than their scores show. Automatic Golf gives them a reliable way to fight back and maximise their potential for better play. And more importantly, these golfers discover that golf doesn’t have to be so difficult and they can play in a way they find deeply rewarding.

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