Master The Flat Spot Principle And Achieve The "Holy Grail" in
Golf Instruction

Discover the biomechanical secret to a better golf swing that leads to a physical and mental advantage each time you play

Cameron Strachan, author, scratch golfer and coach

Dear Golfer,

It’s time to make golf swing enhancement simpler and easier. For too long, trying to fix your swing has been one step forward then two (or 3, 4 and 5) backwards.

You know the feeling. You try some sort of quick-tip or fix. It works one minute but …

… fails the next.

You’re forced to keep finding new things to work on.

It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. And you don’t know where to go next.

Almost all typical golf lessons go against our natural learning instincts. We don’t learn other skills the same way as we learn golf. But why not?

It goes against all common-sense.

It’s time to make you a better golfer. To give you a powerful and consistent golf swing that can bring you years of enjoyment and deep satisfaction.

Hi there. My name is Cameron Strachan and I’d like to help you play your best golf. And I'd love for you to own your very best version of your ultimate golf swing. A golf swing that will give you years of enjoyment, consistent golf and deep satisfaction.

But why should you listen to me?

Is it because I have used my own research to play off a below scratch handicap for 20 years now? Nope, that’s not the reason – good play doesn’t automatically guarantee I can coach you. The world is full of excellent golfers who can't coach to save themselves.

Should you listen up because I helped commission a major study into the golf swing that helped unlock the mysteries of the biomechanics behind a better swing?

No. This still isn’t why you should listen to me. Information is only part of the golf learning puzzle. Sometimes, too much info just complicates an already difficult game.

What I have I done that makes my coaching so effective?

I have taken this complicated and detailed research and created a learning system that makes golf improvement no harder than riding a bike or driving a car.

I have made the really complex and difficult (hitting a ball to a defined target) as simple as possible.

I can help make YOUR golf swing as good as it’s ever going to be. And it’s not going to require complex instruction or a complete swing rebuild.

I can help make your natural swing shine through and I can show you how to tap into it time after time.

This is why you need to listen to me.

Most golf instruction bypasses your learning system. It’s complicated. It’s hard to do and it’s almost impossible to know if you’re doing things correctly.

So you go around in circles. You hope to play better but you’re not sure. There’s lots of self doubt and even some fear creeps in. The harder you try the worse things become.

But I can help you play better golf and unleash your most powerful and natural swing.

My NEW Flat Spot Swing Trainer is the quickest and easiest way to light your game on fire. No huge backswing needed. No stress and strain on the body. No complicated theory. Just a reliable swing that you can repeat time after time.

A better and simpler golf swing is possible

You’ll be able to find your best golf swing with the least amount of effort. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to swing confidently and “on plane” without needing to remember 100s of swing tips

  • The only way to increase the flat spot of your swing that guarantees you'll get longer (and straighter shots)

  • How to take the club away from the ball smoothly and with correct sequencing (over rotation is a huge fault and with the swing trainer this problem is all but eradicated)

  • How to make a shorter, but more powerful and consistent backswing position (this greatly simplifies the golf swing and gives an immediate surge in confidence)

  • How to remain balanced and athletic from the start to the end of each swing (and this happens naturally without you needing a degree in physics)

  • How to have the right amount of wrist cock and arm action (again, this happens naturally and instinctively)

  • The ability to start the club down so you don’t lose power (this is one of those mysteries that the best players do but very few have been able to explain it)

  • How to avoid the common fault of coming over the top of the ball and hitting that weak slice ball

  • How to ensure the clubhead remains behind your hands and you achieve the classic “late hit” position (this is the position that every power players gets into)

  • How to return the sweet spot of the club face directly to the back of the ball (this is the true magic of the Flat Spot Principle and gives you a mastery over the golf ball that you've unlikely had before)

  • How to swing on plane without having to think about it (this means that you can truly start to swing freely and more confidently)

  • How to unlock your most natural and powerful golf swing (this is the holy grail of golf instruction)

  • How to swing with supreme confidence so you can play your best golf more of the time. (and take your A game to the golf course)

  • How to play better golf when the pressure is turned up instead of choking and letting fear and self-doubt creep in.

  • Plus more

These are big claims but it’s all possible when you start working with your learning system instead of against.

A powerful, instinctive and repetitive golf swing might not come naturally to you. But learning is normal for ALL humans and we all have the capacity to see significant improvement when we allow our learning system to shine.

If you’ve tried but failed to play better golf then I can bet my bottom dollar that you’ve disrupted the learning process. You’ve made golf harder than it needs to be. You have tried bombarding your system with tips, tricks and the latest theories from Golf Digest...

... But this has failed you because only a small percentage of golfers can make the technical approach work for them.

My research suggests this number is around 2%. Only 2% of all golfers on the planet can actually make all the technical Mumbo Jumbo work for them

If you’re motivated and inspired to keep playing golf because you know you have a better golf swing hiding somewhere inside, then the FSP Swing Trainer System can unlock this magic for you.

With just a few minutes each week you’ll blend the optimal scientific swing principles with natural learning protocols. You’ll discover how to get the biggest improvement with your golf swing using the least amount of effort. You’ll be able to swing confidently when you get to the golf course and this in turn enables you to play consistently.

I have been reading/following your BioSwing technique, many of the properties and values I share. Keeping it simple is certainly a philosophy that would be best undertaken by all golfers, certainly those less proficient, but amazingly it often seems that the reverse is true. And as we age a less rotational action is certainly logical and practical.  
Phil Scott – PGA professional

This all leads to both a mental and physical advantage. From here enjoyment, satisfaction and better performance is a natural byproduct.

Yes! I’d like to get your NEW FSP Swing Trainer now!

So Simple To Use:
The goal is easy. Simply swing your club through the gates without touching the sponges and you'll have performed an ideal swing. Make a poor swing and you'll get immediate feedback that something went wrong. And it's the instant feedback that allows learning to take place. Give the FSP Swing Trainer a few week's use and you'll be hard wiring a better and consistent swing deep into your brain.

What’s Included?

This package comes with my NEW & Improved FSP Swing Trainer (released December 2020). The package comes with 4 x high density foam blocks and a high impact plastic mat. You'll also receive comprehensive online instruction that digs deeper into natural learning and getting the most from the FSP Swing Trainer.

Some more details

  • Works for both left and right handed players.
  • FSP Swing Trainer works with your 7 or 8 iron and there's no need to hit balls from device. In fact, hitting balls from unit defeats the purpose and can hinder progress
  • Shipping available world-wide. If you have a postal address I can get my Swing Trainer to you (shipping times vary but usually 2 - 7 days. Item ships from Australia)
  • Shipping and taxes (where applicable) are added during checkout.
  • Special introductory price available while stocks last.
  • New design - spent 18 months working on a new design, including, better markings, improved sponge design and better packaging (cheaper shipping)
  • Updated training videos are available immediately after successful purchase.

Increase the length of your flat spot and your game WILL improve. New design released December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

This device is best described as an objective based learning tool. It helps you learn a longer flat spot without having to remember 100s of things. Your goal is to swing your club through the gate without touching the sponges.

Does it work for left handers?

Yes. Works for left and right handed golfers

What club do I use with it?

Best results are achieved with a 7 or 8 iron.

Can I hit balls from device?

No. You will get far better results if you don't hit balls from it.

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