"From 40+ Putts Per Round to ...
... 29 (or less) in a Few Hours"

From the desk of: Cameron Strachan
Author, golf coach, putting expert from somewhere west of Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Dear Golfer,

The above headline is just one case study of many from a revolutionary new putting system created by one of the world’s leading golf learning experts.

This system does not promise that YOU will be able to duplicate this speed. But it does promise you this:

You can transform your putting in 14 days!

And it doesn’t matter how bad you think your putting is. No matter how many 3 putts you have or even if you yip and flinch, and:

Putt with fear or self-doubt. Maybe you’re so anxious you have trouble taking the putter away from the ball
Miss all of those short putts and can feel the anger and frustration building as you move around the course
Find yourself overwhelmed by tension after wasting stroke after stroke
Still putt badly despite playing for many years, taking lots of lessons and owning many expensive putters.

Let me repeat this fact: 14 days is the outside limit it will take you to skyrocket your putting performances with this system.

What is the minimum time you can expect? Because this putting system is based on how we actually learn new skills (no complicated theories), results happen quickly.

It’s not unusual for golfers to experience vastly better performances the first time out. Give things a week or two and you’ll likely be a different golfer. And just like the headline says, you could go from hopeless (40+ putts per round) to under 30 the next time you play.


14 days! 14 short days! 14 incredibly rewarding days! Two tiny weeks to a new confidence, lower scores and better putting performance you’ve been dreaming about.

You can learn to maximise your putting performance in 14 days! All you have to do is reach out your hand and grab this book.

Why? Because this putting system gives you a Better and Easier Way To Putt That May Surprise Even The Most Frustrated Golfer.

I’m not going to describe the exact methods here (not enough room). You must study for yourself to realise their full power. But I will say this:

After just a few minutes, even before you head to a golf green, will convince you of the overwhelming information contained within.

What you learn in the first few pages is that there’s no such thing as perfect technique and trying to find it is the worst thing you can do.

When you learn – a few pages later – that your inbuilt learning system is perfectly capable of improved putting you’ll never be confused or frustrated with the putting game again.

“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.

“Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

“I believe that Cameron’s Look & Shoot E-book will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”

Aaron Baddeley, PGA Star

When you realise that you have all the talent and skill inside you and there’s absolutely no need to rebuild your technique, change putters or have lots of golf lessons. And it doesn’t matter how discouraged you feel or how hard you’ve tried previously – you can make significant change without spending hours on the practice green.

Read that again: “you can make significant change without spending hours on the practice green.”

And read this sentence:

Acute nervousness begins to subside in a few days

And this:

You don’t have to program yourself to get worse before you get better” (like a lot of other golf instructions).

And this:

Your entire golf game (full swing and short game) can grow a newfound confidence when you fix your putting game

And -above all- read this:

…no matter how poorly you’ve been putting and how much you think you’ve got no talent or hope, your natural learning system can (and will) find your best putting ability.

Please note: This putting system isn't more of the same quick-fix type instructions you've most likely tried in the past (like grip, posture, rock the shoulders and putter path etc).

Nope. What you're about to discover is a new way to approach putting performance that works WITH your natural learning system. If you can throw and catch a ball you have the necessary talent to start putting better right now.

This Is Nuts!

Played 9 with my wife & another couple tonight.  I took 13 putts.  My home course is 7,000+ & was used as a qualifying course for the Western Amateur - not a pushover.

I was THAT CLOSE to 10 putts in 9 holes.  Shot 37, so ball striking was D -, but good god.

I feel excited to get on the green instead of scared.  If I'm ever in Australia, expect a hug.

John Fransden


Simple Advice

Hi Cameron, I’ve played three rounds since reading your e-book and have had a noticeable improvement in my putting - my playing partners have even commented. Yesterday had the first round I can remember without a three putt.
I’ll continue to follow your simple but effective advice.



The BEST way ...

... I went to the putting green and went back to my old routine, that you verified was the BEST way to putt, and am happy to say that all those notions of looking at the hold from every angle and lining up the ball with a line, which was totally uncomfortable to me, and all the thinking, went totally out the window and I was back to being a good putter.  Was making everything I looked at.

Thank you again.  It was as if fate brought you and your book to me.  I will be singing your praises!

Letha Davis


Tried so many things ...

I have noticed a massive improvement in my whole game not just my putting. I was steadily blowing my handicap outward until my wife bought me ur Look and Shoot e book (I may have hinted I wanted it lol). The process has helped me relax with unfamiliar players and just play. My last four rounds have been under my handicap which has already dropped two shots since I got ur book. What’s really surprised me is the lag putts I am making that I normally wouldn’t, and how consistent my full swing is getting. Thanks so much I’ve tried so many different things (hundreds) I don’t feel like I need to tinker any more, just keep going with what I’ve got.

Adrian Bond

Made Putting Easy Again

Best thing that’s happened to my putting in 15 yrs. I play off 1, missed a 4 metre putt on 9 for a 29 last week. I’m 50 next year. I will be off scratch again in no time. It does really work. Got rid of the yips. Made putting easy again.

Craig Farr - Australia

When you treat putting like any other skill and work with your learning system and not against, you can light your putting game on fire. There’s no need to rebuild your putting stroke, spend hours and hours on the practice putting green or go out and buy a new putter.

When you tap into your inner learning system YOU can putt better and it all happens far more naturally than any other method you've tried in the past. And it doesn’t take any longer than a few short weeks.

And here's something else that happens all of the time: My clients keep telling me that I've helped simplify their putting game and assist them is having fewer putts per rounds. But they also apply the principles to their full game and are seeing amazing results there too. It happens all the time because learning is learning. It works everywhere. No BS!

There is nothing else to say. You know your game is being sabotaged by poor putting. You now know what you can look forward to – and all in just 14 days or less! Click the order button below...

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One Last Word:

If you play once per week and take more than 33 putts per round then you’re costing yourself at a bare minimum 200+ strokes per year. Chances are this number is closer to 300. Imagine what it would be like to take 300 strokes from your score next year? Better putting is truly the fastest and easiest way to lower your scores (and handicap).

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Q: Can I get a hardcopy version?

A. No. This product is only available as an electronic download. You’ll receive instant access after your purchase.

Q: I have the yips and have putted terribly for years, will this help me?

A. This book has been written for you. The ideas presented in the book are all about getting you to get out of a rut and bringing your best putting game to the surface. And yes, if you learn to putt more simply you’ll greatly reduce the effects the yips have on you.

Q: What is the Advanced version all about?

A. This is the most popular version and includes the regular version of Look & Shoot but also comes with the full audiobook and my top advanced training articles. This product normally sells for $97 and comes to you at a special price.

Q: Is there a video of your putting system?

A. Yes, you have the option of adding the video version (Premium)to your order. The video course is comprehensive and includes over two-hours of content, including a video run through of the book, case studies + lots more.

Q: What else does the Premium version come with?

A. You also get a personal putting review done by me. All you have to do is take a short video of your putting stroke (about 20 seconds) and I'll give you a full review. Full instructions are provided inside the learning platform.

What is this product about?

A.You’re going to get the natural learning (and completely updated) version of the putting system I taught to one of the world’s best putters. It’s simple but highly profound coaching that is guaranteed to work. The information is delivered electronically to you immediately after your order. You can choose from three product options, including the full video training course.

How long until I see results?

A. This will depend on how far you’ve gone down the technical rabbit hole. Some peeps have abused their learning so much that it can take a few weeks to simplify and see results. Almost all clients see enhanced results inside two weeks.

Q.What currency is the payment in?

A. All payments are in USD.

Q. How can I view your material?

A. The material can be viewed on Iphone, tablet, laptop or PC. All information is stored on a private member only portal.

Q. Can I see more reviews of this product?

A. Yes. I have put some more of the testimonials I have received below.

Even More Things Golfers Are Saying...

Well, Cameron, I must confess that you got me here. Just back from my first round following my read of your putting material, and I shot my best score of the season, with my best putting stats. Applied the approach on each hole (even pushed it to somehow speed up the rest of my  game) and bang!

On the 18th, a four-footer one put for par. Stunned my buddies.

The proof is in the pudding they say !

The routine felt almost like a stress-relief. Struggled a bit to look at the ball while walking to it from behind, but the practice swing behind and perpendicular to the shot felt great. And walking to the ball on the intended was also great preparation.

You got me here. Thanks,

- Marc Novella

Going sensationally! I’m running 8th club Champs a grade 

3 rounds no 3 putts bloody ripper!

- Chris Wood

I’ve been using your technique for a few weeks now, almost a month, and feel great over the putter. Probably better than I’ve ever felt. I’m sinking more short putts, and getting closer on the longer ones...Thank you for the insight. I’m very happy to have found this book.

- Jason Starkey

Hi Cameron,
Just wanna let you know that my golf game is going quite well with my putting gaining a huge amount of confidence under your look and shoot ways !!

Currently leading my golf club championship by 10 strokes with 1 rd to play.

- Anthony Rapley

I have had tremendous success and have enjoyed putting rather than dreading it.
Decrease in .8 puts per round in the first 5 rounds.

- Steve Roblin

Your vision into the game has already given me more confidence and lesser putts.
My average is now 33 (came from 35/36) with my best on 30 putts!

- Bob Apon

Hello Cam.  I am encouraged so far with my progress.  I have played three rounds using the new method; two of the rounds showed much improved putting, the middle one was not a good day on the greens.  I made a minor adjustment after the bad day, changing the way I stepped into the ball after Einsteining.

- John Gilbert

I’m really pleased with it (my putting). Played to less than my handicap yesterday for the first time in ages. All down to less 3 putting. People are starting to notice how much better my putting is.

- Sue Dawson

Hi Cameron
The putting has been . . . a lot more relaxed! Sank some good long putts, hit some great lags, and  missed the odd short one but feeling happier with my short game

- Dave Peters

Hi Cameron,

my putting has improved significantly so much so that my thinking now is, why are the long putts 8 to 10 meters not dropping as I getting so close.

- Deon Swart

I've definitely improved my putting both long and short and still making a few long putts that I once didn't make

- Larry Ashmore

You must have been on the golf course watching me yesterday - I did not wipe a hole but had 11 one pointers - all through putting issues. So I read your quick guide this morning and was just about to move on to the full version when your email arrived - it encapsulates just about everything I was going through. From being around 30 putts a round in November to 40+ in the last 6 rounds (I play 3 times a week) my initial analysis is that I did not have any opportunity to actually practice (except on my lounge room carpet), so now I will aim to try out your suggestions. I had transitioned from a broomstick putter which had been extremely successful in lowering my handicap to A grade, to a short putter which I learned to use effectively, but suddenly sinking the 2 metre putts disappeared. Even reverting to the long putter only helped for a couple of rounds and even that has fallen by the wayside. At my age (73) good putting is the only way I can maintain a 12-13 handicap, so I will let you know how well your coaching goes with me - it worked years ago when you first offered advice.

- Paul Korbel


I have played three rounds since i read your book (and put it into practice) and my average putts per round went from 35.44 to 31.6. I went from averaging 2.89 three - putts per round to only 1 three -putt in three rounds!

It is hard to believe that thinking less has produced much better results but i am now a believer!

I am going to expand this method to more shots and see how it goes.

Thanks again.

- Bob Mancini

Just won a member guest tournament
Putted great.
Handicap is down from 6.7 to 4.5
Putting with a lot less stress during the round 

Great e-book and enjoyed our call
- Peter Abbruzzese: USA

It feels good to not think about the mechanics of the stroke while swinging the club. I would say I’ve made slightly more putts percentage wise especially in that 5’-8’ range but the bigger improvement is that I’ve have been able to have way more stress free tap ins and have been avoiding the dreaded 3 putt.  Thanks a bunch!

- Andrew Krieger

Hi Cameron,Just to say a huge thank you! My putting is coming on leaps and bounds! I’m also feeling more relaxed with the rest of my game. Early days I know but very happy with this feeling of confidence in the knowledge my game is improving!!

- Christine Hirst

Good afternoon Cameron!

Just want to thank you for helping me! I shot a 78 today with 3 birdies made.  I play to a 15 handicap and my putting is normally a struggle.  I am very excited ...

- Jim Watson

Hi Cameron,I’m enjoying the products I’ve purchased from you. I started with the putting ebook and LOVED it. My putting is SO much better. I’m no longer standing over those short to medium putts in fear. My lag putting is much improved too. I’ve figured out my natural putting stroke and now I don’t even think about it. I’m loving putting again. And if I do miss a putt I should have made, I just move on — realizing that I won’t make everything and that’s ok. Thanks so much.

- Elaine Bonds

Since following your programme I joined a month ago my last 3 gross rounds have been -3, level, -2 with 31- 31- 30 putts per round. A big improvement on what came before and as a 64 year old 3 handicapper i can’t tell you how delighted I am - wish I’d found the method 50 years ago

- Ian Smyth

Cameron, Used your method today.....30 putts with two birdies. Thank you!

- Tom Hammel

Great! So much more relaxed and confident. Thank you for all you are doing!

- Rick Grotts

Unbelievable difference in my putting, what a confidence changer!

Many thanks

- Tom Atkinson: UK

I played 18 today and I probably had the fewest putts I have ever had in a round.  I had about a 120 foot putt that I two putted which was remarkable.  I only had one 3 putt.  I am a total fan! I felt more relaxed and way more confident.   Thank you Cameron.

- Scott Hammond

Hi Cameron, my putting has improved trying your method.  I have suffered from the yips for years and actually hardly play golf any longer because of it.  I went from a +1 hcp to an 8 hcp.  I played on Saturday and had 27 putts in 18 holes.  10 one putts!

- Michael Gordon

Cameron:Thanks for your inquiry on my putting. It has improved as I’ve simplified my approach...

...It’s been a great summer of golf and have been playing my best these past few weeks. Thanks for helping me simplify my approach to putting.

- Fritz Owen

Cameron, Whilst I did buy your book I was highly sceptical about it working.

However, I did as you suggested and hit a few balls in my hallway to find my natural putting style. I then went onto the putting green at my local club and practised.

I did this for a few times over a week or so and then played in a competition yesterday. I won it and whilst I was hitting the ball well off the tee and fairway I holed quite a few putts that I am sure I would have missed before. I won by 2 shots and I have to say that was down to my new putting technique.

I am still not sure how it happened but I am assuming that because my head was not filled with a million thoughts when I went to putt the ball that I was more relaxed. It certainly felt that way.

I obviously did miss a few putts and so I still need to concentrate more but your technique definitely worked for me and I now have a trophy to prove it!  Many thanks.

- Gary Assim

I love what you are doing. I have lower numbers and enjoy playing! I’m putting great getting 6 to 8 more putts in the hole.

- Phil Plastic

Hi Cameron 

Have implemented your advice. Already putting better, fewer 3 putts!

- Craig Witherspoon

Hi Cameron,

 This is the shit for me.

 I’ve made some fantastic putts.

- Fredrik Bihl : Sweden

My Putting confidence has definitely increased following your tips.

- Christine Tyrrell

Hi Cameron
I’ve taken your look and shoot approach to putting on board and improving my averages & gaining confidence that I haven’t had on the greens before. So thank you for that. My game is comparable to any pro...

- Anthony Rapley

Your book actually mirrors thoughts that I have had recently about my whole game as I get older (73). I have found myself getting more and more “rigid “as I try to implement all the lessons I have had to play the “proper”way 
It is refreshing to be allowed to let the mind and body take over
Thanks for your book

- Jeff Jarman

Hey Cameron,

My putting has definitely improved using your methods. Still trying to commit to the routine and letting it go.
It’s not automatic yet, especially under pressure, but it works more often than not.
I’m convinced it’s the way forward, so I’ll keep at it. Thanks again for all your help. Regards,

- Peter Gibson

Hi Cameron,

I would just like to say thanks for the system and the book that you have. I just implemented the system last week and on the 3 round I shot my best round ever. After struggling some with the putting this year and shooting around 72 to 75. I Shoot a 62 (-9) during the club championship this weekend.

I have been averaging around 33 puts this year and I hade 25 and 9 or 10 on the back nine. 🙂
Thanks again

- Jesper Wallmander: Sweden

Well yesterday I played my first round after reading just the first part of your book and put into practice the free putting drill...

... all I’ll say is “Ooh Boy” it was like l was back to normal. I think l only left about 3 putts short all day and by short l mean tap in par putts instead of 1 if not bigger metre putts, my head was clear and l enjoyed it again.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book now and hopefully seeing my handicap heading in the right direction once again

- Ross Rae

 I played my first round using the look and shoot method today at my home club Lahinch old course and I shot a 71 gross (par 72) where I had 28 putts with one 3 putt. Last week I played there and I shot a 76 with 33 putts so the look and shoot method has definitely instantaneously helped my game.  

Overall I really felt relaxed and felt in the moment on all my putts (bar the one putt that contributed to the 3 putt) and only realised what I shot after I totted up my scores at the end of the round. So there is great learning for me to bring into my golf game for the rest of the summer. As you can see I really have found your methods beneficial and I am looking forward to continually working on them.

- Brian from Ireland

Hi, my putting has improved dramatically over only 5 days with only 3 really short practice sessions. I consider myself to be easily above average as a putter but had found myself in a couple of month off patch. I never knew of your putting strategy but it turns out that I was doing a lot of those things without realising it. Your method is basically fool proof and I’m loving the ball rolling the way it should again.

Even more, my mother is a beginner golfer and she can’t putt for #%$@ but I gave her a 2-3 minute lesson using your methods and she instantly found some distance control and inadvertently had less putts without even realising it. Thanks heaps, now to start hitting it half decent again

- Dale Cook

Hi Cameron, 
I was a bit skeptical about your method at first but decided it try it out. I have been playing for about 5 years and am on a HC of 24. I'm an avid golfer, watch the sport on tv (since i was a kid) and keep myself informed on you-tube of all the latest instruction.....there is a lot of it !
So yesterday i went to my local club and spent 15 min going through your putting routine. I then played our short 9 hole course (par 32). I decided to try your method for my shots (irons & driver) as well... walk to the ball and hit it.
I posted one of my best scores, 3 bogies & 6 pars.....a 35 which would have improved my HC to 21 and no 3 putts. I don't know if this was just a coincidence or my mind was freed up but I will definitely be using your method in the future and will keep you posted on the results.
Thanks & regards,

- Michael Dunne: Germany

I’m not thinking as much and it takes the tension out of my stroke.

- Randy Weaver

Putting has been great!   Won the member/member with my son!!!  The first week I tried it.

- Jimmy Elam

My partner and I came in 2nd in our member guest. Played 63 holes had 1 - 3 putt only. Pretty awesome stuff.

- Dr. P

My putting has definitely improved. In fact I had 3 birdies in a round last week and I very rarely get birdies. I was very skeptical of your shoot and putt method and really did not think it would work for me as I have always been a terrible putter because of my inability to read greens but somehow not stressing over trying to read if green is uphill or downhill seems to work

- Lorelle Krulis

I can say without a doubt I putted better. It wasn’t a miracle and a couple putts exploded on me, but I made several good putts from 4-10 feet.

- Steve Smith: USA

My mind has been freed up. I had 21 putts today on 18 holes. My approaches were all on point. I missed one 3 footer which used to be my nemesis. I do use a line on the ball for set up but when I'm over the ball I am calm and comfortable. Your system has freed up my stroke and mind while I'm over the ball. I have confidence which I have never had on the greens until now.

- Nate Stocco

... the last 2 weeks the putts started falling.

Played a medal tournament over the weekend. My putting was for the first time, not my weak point! Shot a 70 on the Saturday, 2 under. First time in a very long time that I shot under par.

I think your technique definitely made a difference in my putting.

- Johnny B: USA

Hi Cameron, I have just come in third for a club competition.
I had 39 points on stableford, missing out on the top score of 40 points. 
I had three birdies and some pars. 
This has never happened before...

- David Griffiths: UK

Hi Cameron, took Look and Shoot theory to the course yesterday...
My three-putt tally dropped dramatically and my playing partners were
somewhat bemused by my new-found "form".
Will be getting stuck into the drills as often as I can.
Thanks heaps,

- Alan D

Hi Cameron

Putting was strong in our monthly medal on Saturday. I took just 21 putts on way to a 68 net which gave me my first ever win. 

Had 14 pars playing off 12 handicap and if it hadn’t been for two lost balls it could have been awesome.

My approach shots weren’t great but I was chipping well and putter felt strong.

- Ian Deuchars

...I was astonished that the long, approach puts, 10 m plus went pretty close with your method and the final puts 2 to 3 meters went all in ... For me the method is definitely promising enough to keep working with it.

- Peter Schmitz

Just to let you know I freed up today and shot 73 for net 66. Including a chip in and 2 long range putts.

- Mike Gurner

Loved the book. Putting is improved!

- Tim Schwartz

I truly believe your system makes so much sense so hoping I can do it justice ...

- Sue Donnellan

Yesterday I played with our group of 45 seniors. I putted fine. I just looked at the distance from the side and the slopes to the hole. Then took aim from behind the ball,  went to the ball and putted. Excellent results - even from distance.

- Jens Peter Hasse: Denmark

A substantial improvement immediately. Love the method and will definitely stick with it.

- James Brooks

Hi CameronI My putting has come on leaps and bounds having taken on your Look and shoot putting method.

- Rupert Cotton

Hi Cameron, immediately my long lag putts were much closer and the mid length ones burning the edges and usually ending up past the hole which was not the case before.

- Rob Summers

Your tips have helped simplify my putting approach and taken it back to being more ‘natural’. Making good contact with the ball consistently...

Mark Williams

I had my best competition round ever yesterday by far - medal, so every shot counts. My current handicap is 14. I shot 1 over on the front nine, got a bit nervous around holes 11-13, including an awful chip! However I pulled it back to shoot 7 over in all, a net 64. This is our premier Seniors’ competition, 3 medal rounds, best 2 count towards overall winner. So the pressure was on.

I had no 3 putts and holed several 3-6 ft knee tremblers under pressure using your method! Thank you!!!

- Kim Swithinbank: UK

Today was unbelievable....not one putt longer than a foot away....all easy two putts.  I just followed the process until I was ready to pull the trigger....and boom, everything close.  Sometimes I did not even take a peak before.

- Denise Gaudet

Hi Cameron

I bought your book and read it the other night.  I was quite intrigued by the simplicity and logic of the method.  I quickly went and gave it a try on my putting mat and was impressed by the results.  This followed up with taking it to the course.   I was shocked with how quickly I improved my putting and was able to two putt from range and make those testy 3-4’ers.

- Brian Litke

...I was astonished that the long, approach puts, 10 m plus went pretty close with your method and the final puts 2 to 3 meters went all in ... For me the method is definitely promising enough to keep working with it.

- Peter Schmitz

Just to let you know I freed up today and shot 73 for net 66. Including a chip in and 2 long range putts.

- Mike Gurner

Loved the book. Putting is improved!

- Tim Schwartz

I truly believe your system makes so much sense so hoping I can do it justice ...

- Sue Donnellan

Yesterday I played with our group of 45 seniors. I putted fine. I just looked at the distance from the side and the slopes to the hole. Then took aim from behind the ball,  went to the ball and putted. Excellent results - even from distance.

- Jens Peter Hasse: Denmark

A substantial improvement immediately. Love the method and will definitely stick with it.

- James Brooks

Hi CameronI My putting has come on leaps and bounds having taken on your Look and shoot putting method.

- Rupert Cotton

Hi Cameron, immediately my long lag putts were much closer and the mid length ones burning the edges and usually ending up past the hole which was not the case before.

- Rob Summers

Your tips have helped simplify my putting approach and taken it back to being more ‘natural’. Making good contact with the ball consistently...

Mark Williams

I had my best competition round ever yesterday by far - medal, so every shot counts. My current handicap is 14. I shot 1 over on the front nine, got a bit nervous around holes 11-13, including an awful chip! However I pulled it back to shoot 7 over in all, a net 64. This is our premier Seniors’ competition, 3 medal rounds, best 2 count towards overall winner. So the pressure was on.

I had no 3 putts and holed several 3-6 ft knee tremblers under pressure using your method! Thank you!!!

- Kim Swithinbank: UK

Today was unbelievable....not one putt longer than a foot away....all easy two putts.  I just followed the process until I was ready to pull the trigger....and boom, everything close.  Sometimes I did not even take a peak before.

- Denise Gaudet

Overall, the result of adapting to your method was great, my score card is cleaner and more birdies.

- Lerd Bhakdibhumi

I say this as a psychologist ... you may be onto something

- Peter

I happened to take your method to the course just 3x.  Surprised in 1 game i made 5 birdies! Usually i make 1 birdie in 5 games!

The experience of 5 birdies was surreal! The last time i remember having this was 12 years ago!  No, i am not kidding! 

I am holding on to your wisdom to enjoy the game and i hope you can be a coach i can use to lean on during tough times...

- Dick Aguilar

Hi Cameron,

I went on vacation for a couple of weeks. I read your book twice and then took it to the course last Saturday. Had 5 birdies on the front. My playing partner said my vacation put my head in a good place.

It was your technique. Listening to the putt really helped me. Once I got to 5 under I started thinking about outcome on the back. Missed a couple short putts but made some key putts on the last few holes and was medalist.

I will get better as I practice your technique.

- Jerry: USA

Hi Cameron,

I'm not normally one to write emails but just wanted to let you know I tried your putting technique for the first time today in a round and had 27 putts.

27 putts is fantastic for me and although having a little trouble on really long putts my short putting was unbelievable.

Just wanted to say thank you, it certainly made putting enjoyable for me today. I've never trusted my stroke so much as what I did today.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.


- Matt Brain

Hey Cameron,
SOLD!!  Last two rounds I'm making long putts that are amazing my mates (me too but I wouldn't let on).  I'm rarely short.  Another amazing thing; I set-up your string putting system in my lounge using a plastic lid that is the same size as the hole.  I was verbally saying (my wife could confirm) why are all of my short putts going to the left  I was practicing three feet and then three and one-half).  Then like a bolt out of the blue, I noticed in taking my set-up that the string was not going across the centre of both balls on my Odyssey two-ball putter.  Turns out when I have the string across the centre of both two-balls as it should be the face looks open to me.  Needless to say I made the adjustment and no more putts going left.  I had no idea that I've been aiming left (i.e. closed face).  Your system is a winner for me.  Just today I one-putted hole number 1 (Par 4) from 8 feet for par and then on hole number 2 made 20 footer for birdie (another Par 4).  Number 1 was a non-stroke hole for me and number 2 was a one-stroke hole.  Thanks much!

- Larry Ashmore

I wanted to let you know I shot a 71 today. I’m a 14 handicap and putting has always been an issue. I had 0 - 3 putts and 25 putts on the round. Thank you. Your system has made an immediate impact on my game. My biggest issue now is my handicap is going down.

- Dr. Jason Piraino

I started really well. In fact, one of my partners commented that he noticed I had made a change and it reminded him of how Aaron Badds putts!

- David Webster

I love the system. It has really freed me up from my former “paralysis by analysis” and left brain thinking when over a putt.

- Steve Burich: USA

As a quick update. Probably had the best putting round in a long time today. Didn’t hit it very well, shot 70 with a 30 foot eagle on the last hole. 29 putts total.

- Craig Watkins

I must say, I was a little skeptical about the Look and Shoot process in the beginning. I have read your eBook multiple times, and the pure logic of your process made complete sense to me.

I have played two rounds since purchasing your eBook, as well as replaced my old putter with an Odyssey White Hot 1. My confidence has soared..., and my putting has dramatically improved. I am sinking most all of my short putts, and have made some rather long ones (15-20 feet)! I know I have work still to do, but I am a believer in your putting process 100%

- Michael Cushion

My son “Lucky” has been working your method for a couple of weeks now. He is 16 and currently one of the top players on his high school team. 

He looks much more comfortable in his routine and we have already noticed improvement in his lag putting. This week will be his first real test as his team has their first 2 day tournament on Friday and Saturday. I will provide an update then.


- Dan Livingston

Hi Cameron

I’ve seen a real improvement in putting overall particularly in getting long putts close enough to expect the next one to drop.

- Chris Martin

The very first few putts i rolled were right in target as they have been all afternoon.

Finally got me out of my lifetime worry of putter going back slightly on outside .  Now im just hitting it with a stance and a stroke which feels like my DNA.  I don't care less about perfecting a stroke now.

I am just letting it happen

- Steve Hooper: Australia

Hi Cameron,

I’ve only had one game since getting your ebook, I was definitely 3 putting a lot less.

- Gerard Mullen

Last night I played 8 holes and didn’t come close to a 3-putt!  Last 2-putt was from 80 feet!!  Lipped out a 25 foot putt for eagle. Tonight I played 9 holes, one 3-putt from 65 feet, but two fine birdie putts and a couple more challenging 2-putts.  I’m learning how to let go and trust my body...Can’t wait to try all 18 holes on Sat.

-Barry Brown: USA

Much better. no 3 putting yesterday got nearly all putts to the hole or just past.Will be happy if I just shave just another 4 putts off my round as I'm a 9 hcp. I'm sure if I keep using your method I won't be off 9 in a few weeks.

Thanks for your help..

- Geoff Davis

So first let me say that I’m not one who would send a response like the one I’m sending here. A little background: 

I’m a 53 year old who starting playing golf when I was around 7-8 years old.  I’m a 4 handicapper which I can play to as long as I’m on my home course. I used to be a decent putter but have never been a great putter.  I still carry an old scorecard from about 20 years ago of my low round in my bag (63 on a par 70 muni course). 

So at certain points over the past 25-30 years I’ve been able to play some decent rounds. My game has naturally dwindled with age but my problem is I have become a poor putter, thus my purchase of your book. I’ve never bought anything like this but thought I’d give it a try.

I’ve listened to the audio book twice while driving to work and read it once over the past week. During that time I’ve played 3 rounds of golf...

  ...  I’ve been a plumb bobber for the last 10-12 years but can’t really say for sure if I know what the heck I’ve been doing. I resisted plumb-bobbing the entire round and didn’t do it a single time. It was the best round of putting I’ve ever had.  (26 putts, shot even par). I made every putt under 10 feet I faced, made a 22 footer on the last hole to halve the hole with a couple buddies and tie our match and really didn’t hit a bad putt the entire round.

I hit a few down hillers with a little too much speed but made both 5-6 footers coming back.  Lipped out another 20 footer for birdie that I just knew was in!  I just wanted to say thank you. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a golf course feeling that much confidence and it felt great.  Thanks again!

- Brian: USA

I’m a poster child for this book. I’m a weekend golfer, 40-45 rounds a year and typically shot in the low 80’s or broke 80 a few times a year. Never been a great putter but decent. Then, my putting went down the tubes. My score did as well. I regripped my putter and when that didn’t work I bought a new one. That didn’t help either. Putting is the stroke we overthink the most and it also has the most impact on our score. I read the book and it was immediately apparent that I was overthinking every aspect of my stroke. I’ve only been able to get 2 rounds in since the book but 3 putts are disappearing. 3-5 foot putts aren’t so intimidating. This a longer post then I intended but I’m a believer. Good luck out there

- Bill Fleming

Putting really well and has improved a lot. 

Much more control and confidence in short putts.

- Hans Wollman

Was made to tell my playing partners how come I was putting so well!

- Bernie M

Hi Cameron,

I've been working on my putting with your Look and Shoot system for about 3 weeks now, and I have one word to say; WOW!

No other golf tip or piece of instruction I have had has delivered immediate improvement the way your system has. The first round I used it, I felt I was rolling it well on the practice green, and then the very first putt I did out on the course, downhill 15m or so, double break, the kind of putt I would have agonised over and analysed to death previously, I trusted myself to LOOK and SHOOT, left myself a tap-in second putt. And all through the round my partners were saying "Great roll!" or 'Nice putt". Now I wasn't perfect, did have a couple of three putts and missed some that I felt I could have got, but on each putt I hit poorly it was because I lapsed back into over thinking and focussing on mechanics instead of trusting my stroke and what I saw. And I made some really good mid-range ones and put good rolls on others that just didn't go in - but always had a chance to.

I've gone from putting 'defensively' and being tense over every putt, to being confident and relaxed on the green, and knowing that I can put a good roll on any putt and give myself a chance to make it, or at least leave it close. And with your system it was so simple! It's so simple its almost stupid, - but it's not, it's brilliant!

I'd highly recommend your putting system to anyone looking to improve this part of their game. Thank you very much!

Best regards

- Colin McMurray: New Zealand

Hi Cameron

Enjoyed reading your book and watching the video…Overall I am feeling a lot better about my putting simply because I am not over thinking it all.

I am using your techniques and they are working really well and it has reduced the number of 3 putts I have had in the last 5 rounds. What I am noticing though is finding is my conscious mind jumped in a couple of times to try and distract me…..This happened in my last round. So I will keeping working on that

Overall, I feel more confident, I am less stressed about my putting

- Reon Goodwillie

Hi Cameron,
The putting has been better than ever. Reading the book freed up my mind of technical thoughts. Had some doubt about trusting the body fully for the speed and line. But surprising it’s better than expected. Your method works!

Best regards,

- Justin Kuk: Singapore

Putting going sensational I’m running 8th club Champs a grade 

3 rounds no 3 putts bloody ripper

- Chris Wood

Hello Cameron, thank you for the great lesson on putting

- Azim Raham: Brunei

... putting going well, I like the simplicity and it has really improved my putting

- Matt Wilkins

Hi Cameron
Thanks for reaching out. Enjoying listening to your podcasts too.
I have only play a few rounds on my own but the putting has been outstanding

- Rob K

Cameron, thanks for simplifying my over-thinking putting. Big things coming!! I’ve been a lot more comfortable and easy going around the hole. My attitude has drastically changed as well, therefore scores to

- Mitchell Holmes

Hi Cameron 
Since reading the book and listening to you simple advice, I have noticed a considerable improvement. Not so much in the results of holing longer putts but more so the less anxiety I’m feeling over all putts. Letting feel take over, not fear, and trust replace uncertainty seems to mean improvement to me. I’m actually looking forward to putting, not dreading.
I have not measured it yet but I have been holing the ones you should get in more cases, I have had less 3 putts, and the longer putts are being left nearer the hole and as a consequence easier to 2 putt.

It’s only early though and being a negative thinker and sceptical person let’s hope it continues. I will let you know

- Rob Tozer

Super short background...

I bought your book because years ago I remembered Aaron putting so quickly, so well. He made it look easy and uncomplicated.

When I received the book, I was interested to see how short it was and how straightforward it’s technique.

I’m a 6-handicap, but very average putter. I don’t really like putting. Because your technique is so simple, I used it confidently the first and only round I have played since learning it.

The result?...25 putts, including just 9 putts on the back nine!  I one-putted the first three holes and just started laughing; never had I “tried” so little and succeeded so much at putting.

- Rick Bragdon

Hi Cam, 

Just thought I'd let you know that a few months ago prior to trying your putting method I was struggling with my golf and my handicap had drifted out to 9. I know that's not bad "weight for age" but..

I'm now holing more putts and the confidence & positivity has flowed into the rest of my game. Yesterday I played off 4 for the first time in years! Not too shabby for a 70 year old.....

- John Ashby: Australia


I used your method in 3 rounds in last 7 days. I am amazed how much my putting has improved.  Great method. Even when I struggled on back nine. I did not quit your program. Hopefully good things to come.

Look and Shoot baby

- Bob

Hello Cameron, before reading your book I was a Good PUTTER now thanks to you I am more relaxed and have become an EXCELLENT PUTTER and am the envy of my friends.

I look forward to receiving your other book on general golf to further IMPROVE MY GAME.

- Dr. Mario

I am really enjoying working with your ideas and there is definite improvement in the putting - 31 putts yesterday which is good progress.

I have worked for some time on my putting stroke being too long and slow trying to get a more compact, snappier rhythm.  Now that I’m letting go I saw a video of my putting and the pace and snap in the stroke has changed all on its own.

- Alan Wilson

Hi Cameron,

  I have had some great short term results so far and I am sticking to your advice. Amazingly for me I have played 36 holes of golf and 11 holes last night at Yarrawonga and am yet to have a 3 putt. Funny last night my mate who plays off plus 3 said to me he can’t believe what I am doing ...

.. .I have not thought about one putt other than a short glance behind the ball

- Ken Stevenson

Hi Cameron. I have used your guide for a few  days now. Its a miracle. I am putting like a machine.

The magic for me was to choose a free putting grip. I have played 3 full rounds putting and focusing on distance. It's working.

My handicap is down 2 strokes since I read your book!

- Johan Stille (Sweden)

... good read and very helpful

- Owen Compton

Cam, my putting is awesome mate.
Dropped a monster for eagle on Saturday and putted like a demon on Sunday too.
Think i only missed one inside 6 feet odd all weekend and lags were only a foot or so from the cup.
The putter is fxxxking awesome too

- Mike Clark (NZ)

Hi Cameron!

I've just started with the instructions from your book but I can say after only two rounds of golf my putting is vastly improved. I'm no longer overthinking reading the greens, nor am I focused on any technique. These two simple things have really helped me with better putting.

- Erik Karlsson: Sweden

Putting very good I’ve just finished your book and my score has improved A LOT

- Felipe Chavarriaga: Colombia

I am having some success !!   I have been using your system the last 4 rounds that I have played..... My handicap is 14.3     I had 28, 32, 36, and 31 Putts....

- Jeff Brown

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