Scientific Golf Swing Secrets

(Part 1 of 3)

"I hate golf! I can't hit the ball and why am I so inconsistent?"

John was fed up. He had just struck another powerless tee ball into the trees and knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Why is golf so hard? I am good at so many other things in life but I just can't figure this golf thing out", he said.

I could empathize with him because my game had hit the skids years earlier. Despite long hours of practice and being fully dedicated to the game, I struggled to hit the ball well on the golf course.

And it seemed the harder I tried the worse things became.

Massively inconsistent golf swing. Some shots will go down the middle but then others, despite feeling the same, will shoot off all over the place
Golf swing is powerless and stiff despite being in good health and talented at other sports
Can sometimes hit the ball well in practice but totally useless when the pressure is turned up a notch or two
Frustrated because your golfing buddies keep saying, "you should be playing off low single figures because you have so much more talent"

The Golf Instruction Merry-Go-Round

John continued, "Cameron, I get so frustrated with my golf game because I try so hard but get very poor results. I have read all the books and have taken many lessons."

"And I actually like to hit balls. I enjoy working on my swing but the poor results I get have completely worn me down. I truly feel like quitting and I am not a quitter".

"That last shot is so typical of me...

... it is so powerless that it's embarrassing. But give me a tennis racket and I can hit a mean ball. But my driver feels like some strange tool that has been designed to do anything OTHER than hit a ball down the fairway"

"What can I do? I can't take this any longer. I simply don't have the bandwidth to put up with this rubbish any longer. And if one more person tells me that I shouldn't be playing off 19 then I think I'll scream. I am over it. I am over golf!"

"And to be fair, I'm just tired of all the fluffing about. I am sick of all the lessons and feeling like my game is one step forward and then two back". I don't want to worry about my golf swing any longer because to be honest, I don't really know what I am doing".

I just want to be able to swing halfway decently so I can shoot somewhere near my potential!

John went on, "Cameron, I don't feel I am asking too much. I am a realist and I certainly don't expect to play off scratch or give the Seniors Tour a nudge. No! I know that I am not a superstar golfer, but I do know I have more potential than the rubbish I am currently dishing up"

"I just want to feel normal. I hate not being able to hit the ball in play. And I absolutely can't stand that weak slice ball that shows up on almost every important shot!"

John was at a low point. He had reached that spot where golf was no longer fun and he didn't enjoy playing that much. His game was on a knife's edge where he was only two poor shots from really losing the plot.

"Cameron, if I can't figure out my golf swing soon I am going to walk away from the game forever", he said.

"John", I said

I know how you feel

"You do?"

"Yes. And what you're going through is quite normal. In fact, you are not alone. Over the years I've talked to thousands of golfers from all over the world, and many of them were just like you.

"Really?", he said.

"Yep. And in fact, what I've found is that those who are most talented and try the hardest oftentimes struggle with their golf swing the most", I said

A Simpler and Better Way To Swing A Golf Club

John relaxed a little. His jaw loosened and it appeared that he let go of some tension with a deep breath.

"John", I continued.

"A few years ago I was involved in a fairly comprehensive scientific study into the golf golf swing".

"Sounds complicated", said John.

"Well, the science and mathematics and testing procedure was certainly complicated. And the guys performing the research were some of the smartest sports scientists on the planet but the end game was to produce a simpler and easier golf swing model for all".

"Tell me more, I am interested", said John

I continued, "John, our mission wasn't to come up with the most complicated swing theory invented. In fact, the mission was to figure out what actually makes a good golf swing possible and then find way to coach that swing".

"So what was the swing ideas you came up with?", asked John interestingly

Would you like to know what some of the key findings were?"

"Of course I would", said John

"Ok, but before I share with you some of the main findings of all this research, you need to be aware of the consequences of going down this path. You may never look at the golf swing the same way again. You won't be able to "unlearn" or forget this stuff.

And what I am about to share with you has nothing to do with special talent or god given strength. If you can't grasp the simpleness of the message then it's entirely possible that you don't have what it takes to own a better golf swing".

"Are you sure you want to continue?"

John looked a little frazzled. But I wanted him to commit so I knew he was serious. I didn't want him to think this was just another quick fix. I wanted his "buy in".

Any deviation. Any doubt. Any hesitation and I wouldn't continue.

After another deep breath, John said, "I am in. I want to learn more about this golf swing model".

Are you ready for the next lesson?