Do This If You Want
To Putt Your Best

(Part 3 of 3)

What we've covered so far is just the start of a process I call Automatic Learning. And it works absolutely brilliantly with the putting game because, at the end of the day, putting is a very simple skill.

- There's no major skill required.
- You don't need a super power or strong muscles (like you do to drive the ball over the 300 yard marker)
- There's absolutely no need for complicated theories (almost all of those technical theories cause your learning system to shut down)
- You don't need to rebuild your stroke or technique because almost always you already have enough talent to putt the ball

- And you certainly don't need to go out and buy yourself an expensive new putter or training aid.

Simply, with Automatic Learning, you are approaching the putting game the same way you would drive a car, ride a bike or throw a ball. And we all have the skill and talent to do these things.

I call this a LEARNING approach rather than the much more popular (but incredibly difficult) TECHNICAL approach.

A learning methodology works with YOU while the technical approach actually makes putting way harder than it needs to be.

This learning methodology is the process I coached one of the world's best putters.

Aaron Baddeley was once ranked #1 on the PGA Tour in putting (and at the time of writing he is still regarded as a GUN putter). When I caught up with him in 2004 he told me he had been voted the world's best putter by one of the golf magazines.

Bottom line? The guy can putt very very well!!

Weakest Link to Strongest Asset

Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.

“Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

“I believe that Cameron’s ideas will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength

Aaron Baddeley

PGA Tour Star

Making Putting Easier

When you realise that you have all the talent and skill inside you then there’s absolutely no need to rebuild your technique, change putters or have lots of golf lessons.

And it doesn’t matter how discouraged you feel or how hard you’ve tried previously – you can make significant change without spending hours on the practice green.

Read that again: “you can make significant change without spending hours on the practice green.”

And read this sentence:

“Acute nervousness begins to subside in a few days”

And this:
“You don’t have to program yourself to get worse before you get better” (like a lot of other golf instructions).

And this:
“Your entire golf game (full swing and short game) can grow a newfound confidence when you fix your putting game”

And -above all- read this:
“…no matter how poorly you’ve been putting and how much you think you’ve got no talent or hope, your natural learning system can (and will) find your best putting ability.”

Please note: This isn't more of the same quick-fix type instructions you've most likely tried in the past (like grip, posture, rock the shoulders and putter path etc). 

Nope. What I’m talking about is a new way to approach putting performance that works WITH your natural learning system. If you can throw and catch a ball you have the necessary talent to start putting better right now.

A Better Way To Putt

The lesson I showed Bill really is just the start. I use that to get golfers out of a rut and thinking simply (or not think at all). It works because for the duration the golfer stops all the analytical thinking and just PUTTS the ball. It allows their learning system to take over and almost always they experience better results.

And there's plenty of nuance at play here. Depending how deep you’ve gone down the technical rabbit hole will determine how quickly you see results.

One thing is certain: If you simplify your approach you’ll have a breakthrough. Because we are all hardwired to learn it’s practically impossible to NOT see results. 

And here’s something strange I’ve noticed over the years…

…some golfers don't like this simpler approach. I think it’s because there's less technical instruction and way more of what I call real coaching. Some golfers feel the need to be told precisely what to do (but this really doesn't work coz it causes you to over-think).

So please hear me loud and clear:

Automatic Learning is not for every golfer. Some golfers can’t break free from all the mainstream technical teaching.

And this is fine by me. Not every golfer is ready to put their trust in their own learning system. Many would prefer to stick to the outdated (but popular) traditional concepts.

Real coaching is HOW you bring your best performance to the surface. It's how you can ultimately OWN your best version of your putting game. And it's how you can automate your putting game (especially inside 10 feet) without lots of technical instructions. And this is how you can become amazingly consistent.

Because as we've seen, simply bombarding your learning system with more and more instructions doesn't always work.

I'd like to share with you this image that helps explain the differences in a macro way.

With Automatic Learning you get the best of both worlds. You get way better performance with the least amount of effort. It's actually how you can keep things simple!

Traditional golf doesn't work for all. It's a minefield of conflicting advice and ever complicated theories and opinions. And if you've ever tried, and failed, with those ideas, then the chances are you don't learn that way.

And here's something else that's profound: With normal type teaching, the very thing you're doing to avoid the disappointment (changing putters, fixing your technique, trying lots of new stuff etc) is the exact thing causing you all the pain.

It's a nightmare of one step forward and two (or 3, 4 or 5) backwards.

And this is why you can be putting quite well and then fall into a slump. With all those ideas running around in your head, it's simply not possible to sustain your peak performance.

So you shut down. You short-circuit.

And this shows up as a yip or flinch. A three putt. A four putt. Or a horrible and uncomfortable feeling each time you take your putter from your bag.

It's also why, seemingly talented golfers, who can smash the ball with awesome power and hit all sorts of brilliant shots can't get the ball into the hole from three feet with their putter!

But there is an easier way. A way that works WITH your learning system instead of against.

A Proven System That Takes You Deeper Into The Process of Automatic Learning

In 2004 I started writing about my coaching ideas (Aaron Badds actually encouraged me to do so) based on this automatic learning approach to putting. I call my putting coaching, the Look & Shoot Putting System.

The feedback I have received has totally blown me away and highlights the true power of our natural learning system.

It unlocks your true potential and deeper satisfaction & enjoyment. You get AHA moments like Bill, Aaron and many of my clients have experienced.

My pupils have told me the information has changed their putting game, their golf game and even their life! I’ll even share more of my client success stories shortly.

But first…

Like I mentioned previously, Automatic Learning is not for everyone. I have long since given up on trying to convince every golfer on the planet to pursue this learning approach to putting.

And this is certainly not the time for a money grab. There's never ever any hard sell from me.

The fact is, most golfers are happy to fumble around with quick-tips straight out of the golf magazines. The instant gratification mindset appeals to many golfers because it hits our greed gland hard. Very hard.

We think we are just one tip, theory or new putter away from golfing Nirvana.

But the golfing world is full of dissatisfied golfers who struggle to putt anywhere near decently.

And if I can be so bold, these quick-tips FAIL the vast majority of the golf population. The very last thing most golfers need is another faulty promise and instant drill/tip/theory.

So, before I share more of the details about my approach, I want your commitment that the following statements speak at least a little truth to you:

My putting game IS NOT anywhere near as good as it should be.
I have tried all the theories and ideas and still can’t putt decently.
I get nervous and anxious when I pull the putter from the bag.
I’m oftentimes left feeling frustrated and annoyed at my poor putting performances.
I am sick and tired of quick-fixes and all the other rubbish and I am looking for something reliable.
I believe I have enough natural talent to roll the ball along the grass towards a hole.

So What's Next?

You can take what you have learned today and apply it to your game. Many peeps do and get amazing results.

The fact is this is your journey and you get to call the shots...

If what you've read here today has peaked your interest and you'd like to learn more about my Look & Shoot Putting System you can. There's no hard sell and you can make a decision in your own time.

If you're ready to automate your putting, unlock your natural and most authentic putting stroke and learn how to take this "new and enhanced" game to the golf course (and succeed), then the next steps are super simple.

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