About Cameron Strachan

Cameron was not born with any special golfing talent. In his first game (aged 14) he shot 156 - taking 18 strokes on the very first hole he played. It was a very long day.

But he’s stubborn. And determined too. Over the next few months he played a lot. He hit thousands of golf balls in a horse paddock and started working things out.

He improved quickly, shooting a par round within 8 months and an incredible score of 64 within twelve months. The local golf club thought they had a natural and talented golfer on their hands.

Cameron knew the real story.

He won a golf scholarship and started taking his first golf lessons. These didn’t turn out so well.

He hit his first shank (even had an air swing)
Struggled with a weak slice ball
Lost all confidence with his game
Went from winning consistently to not being able to break 85 (he shot 93 in a local competition that was the most embarrassing moment of his short golf career).
Lost interest in the game

This was enough for Cameron to want to walk away from the game. He was fed up because he was doing everything he was told to do. Lots of practice, taking lessons and generally working hard at his game. And it made no sense. How can you get worse, not better, when doing things “right”?

He researched learning and performance. The short version is the coaching disrupted his natural game. He went against his instincts and caused an overload in his system. Many years of frustration were the result.

Learning to trust himself and applying proper learning ideas helped get his game back on track. He travelled the globe, working with golf professionals, learning experts and even scientists. Bit by bit he has been able to find his natural game. He now believes he has mastered golf for his talent and time constraints.

He’d like you to do the same. Since 2001 he has been writing about the game and sharing his story. He’s on a mission to help other golfers avoid the pitfalls of poor coaching and too much technique. His work has been viewed from golfers from every golf playing nation on the planet and if you’d like to get the insider secrets to a winning formula, please click here.

Cameron in action. You can learn more about his
learning secrets over here

What others are saying about Cameron

“The article is beautiful! … this is a very good reminder that much of what goes wrong in regular sport play really is a matter of chance. Very nice.”

Jeff Simons, Professor of Sports Psychology, California State University, in response to content on Cameron’s golf website

“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest. Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments… Cameron’s Perfect Putting System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”.

Aaron Baddeley - USPGA Tour Star

“Cam, you are without doubt the best golf teacher/instructor/inspirer in the world!”

Terry, QLD, Australia

“Although I’m new to Cameron’s philosophy, I have found that Automatic Golf really works. If I can disengage my brain from my body, the ball flies true and putts drop in from everywhere.”

T.R Sloan 

“Cam I owe you a debt of gratitude so vast that I would love to meet you in person one day and shake your hand. Please continue on your path, you are going to help so many people with your teaching methods, and the respect I have for you to follow your convictions and ” buck the conventional way” is enormous. Thanks again Cam you’re a bloody legend!!”

Richard Cahill, Melbourne, Australia