2. A Simpler Swing

Have you ever been stuck under a tree with a restricted backswing, then been surprised at how far you’ve hit the ball?

Or maybe you’ve taken a smooth swipe at the ball from the middle of the fairway and been totally flabbergasted as you watch the ball sail well over the green. This kind of thing happens all the time and represents the scientific secret to a better golf swing.

Here’s the story.

With a restricted backswing you are forced to swing your arms. And it’s your arms that provide the speed (not your body) to power the golf ball. Consider this:

Imagine you want to punch somebody hard, but the only proviso is you must keep your arm straight. Try it. You can’t apply any power, right?

If you keep your arm straight you have no means to generate any speed. At best you can get about 8km (5mph) per hour of clubhead speed - and this comes if you slide and lunge your body like a madman. In any case, it’s not enough speed to cause any damage to the intended victim.

A swing that resembles the straight-arm punch means you are never able to produce a swing that gives you great power and distance. But this unfortunately, is how most golfers play.

The Secret To Hitting The Most Powerful Shots Of Your Life

The secret to nailing every single shot is in the arms! The arms are the major power source in the golf swing. Your body acts as a support mechanism with the arms (especially the upper right arm) providing the majority of power.

If, however, you’ve been taught that your body is the main power source, you will always struggle to play consistently. This is why the quickest, easiest and most consistent way to get more power from your golf swing is to use your arms. Go ahead and try it next time you’re out on the range. You’ll be surprised by the EASY distance you generate.

Many golfers have a swing that resembles a straight-arm punch. It’s awkward and makes effective golf impossible.

Note: Much of the golf instruction industry’s obsession with “big muscle” theory is the cause of pain and frustration. Golfer’s get told to overuse (or over spin) their body and this just complicates an already difficult game.

Allow your arm to bend, even slightly, and you can generate some serious power. According to legend, Bruce Lee could kill with a 2-inch punch, but he would have started from a (slightly) bent arm position.

Here are some swing concepts you can use next time you’re at the range to help promote this arm powered swing. The goal here is to make your swing simpler, yet vastly more effective.

Use a shorter backswing. It was found during testing when golfers relaxed and attempted a shorter backswing they actually INCREASED the length of their swing slightly. This could help explain why golfers can report better results when they swing easier and take a three-quarter length swing (it’s that restricted swing phenomenon mentioned above).
Allow a bending of your left arm. A slight bending of your left arms allows you to start the club down more quickly. This will allow your swing to have more speed at the ball which is what you're after. Don't overdo the bending - you can have too much of a good thing here.
Don't wind your body like a spring. Turning your body tight or as far as you can is not the right thing to do. This is sometimes referred to X-Factoring. You should strive for a relaxed and comfortable swing – not one that causes you pain or is difficult to do.

A simple, comfortable and relaxed backswing position.

Two bonus drills to learning a better golf swing

Throw the club:

The golf swing is essentially a throwing motion. If you can throw a ball then you have the necessary talent to swing the golf club correctly. One of the best drills is to throw the club towards the target. Be safe and use old clubs, but a thrown club closely mimics the perfect swing. Start slowly and gradually pick up the speed. And be sure to throw the club directly and the target (or slightly right of it)

Throwing the club towards the target. Can you see the club?

Sit down:

Modern instruction tends to place a large emphasis on the big muscles. This typically results in overturning and a golf swing that gets too complex. If you can learn to minimize the amount of body (notice I said minimize? You do not want to remove your body completely, it needs to move, but only in response to the hands and arms) your golf swing will be more powerful and simpler.

Sit on a bar stool (or similar) and swing away. You’ll instantly get the feel for the correct motion. Your hands and arms can FIRE through the ball with the body a happy follower. This is a powerful, but simple, motion that will surprise at how far your can smash the ball.

When you sit on a swivel stool you get to feel the correct motion of the body and the arms. A powerful swing removes unnecessary body motion and places an emphasis on the arms and hands.

Why this works:
The reason is simple. We have far greater control and dexterity of our hands and arms. Too much of modern instruction has taken the hands out of the swing (or has tried too). An arm focused swing is just easier to perform.