3 Key Scientific
Golf Swing Principles

On the following pages are three scientific principles that you can use on your game right away. I have included photographs to better highlight the principles and aid the learning experience. It’s important to mention again that some practice will probably be required to integrate what you’re learning - reading alone is very rarely enough.

Also, the information below is the translated version of the comprehensive testing protocol. This is NOT the scientific research but the golfer friendly version. In almost all cases it’s impossible for students to learn from complicated data, it needs to be presented in a usable form. This is that form.

One final point here: Many will be expecting a detailed and complicated report. This was never my goal. What is presented is the most simple golf swing advice possible. It’s the absolute opposite of complicated and is why it works so well.

I have given you the smallest nuggets, that when used properly, will allow you to make the biggest gain. Some of the ideas will challenge you and you’ll certainly have to explore and put the ideas into practice. Some things may cause you to question your game and may even make you feel a little uncomfortable.

This is 100% intentional because it leads to highest learning.

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