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WARNING: Some colourful & naughty language to follow. There’s good reason as it ties in perfectly with the swing model and helps breaks through the clutter of traditional type teaching. If some straight talk is likely to offend, please don’t proceed any further.

By Cameron Strachan
Author and golf coach
Somewhere west of Brisbane, Australia

Dear golfer, 

If your golf game sucks. If you’ve tried all the theories but still can’t get out of second gear. If you’re frustrated because you don’t know what to do next and can’t stand the thought of another golf lesson. If you’re fed up with your golf instructor breaking down the swing into a thousand pieces and then being left to piece it back together again, then this could be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

Here’s why;

Way back in the day I was a kid with a fair bit of talent for the game.

I shot a par round within 8 months of hitting my first shot and a score of 64 within 12 months.

I wasn’t naturally gifted because my very first game I played I shot 156. And the second was worse (over 160).

But I improved quickly. I started hitting balls in a horse paddock near my home and found a way to get the ball from point A to point B.

And to my surprise, I was able to beat most of my mates quite easily. And some of them had been playing for years.

Golf was fun and it didn’t pose too many difficulties for me.

But then the wheels fell off. And not in a way you’d think.

I started losing the plot because I won a golf scholarship. And the scholarship meant I was able to have regular golf lessons each week.

And this was the very first time I was subjected to things like;

How to hold the club
How to stand
How to start the golf swing
How to pivot and rotate
How to start the downswing
How to hit the ball
How to follow-through

Now, you’d think that all of this kind of thing would be useful to a young and motivated kid.

You’d think that. But to be totally honest with you…

It Was a F#cking Nightmare

Keeping it simple - even PGA Pros agree!

I have been reading/following your technique, many of the properties and values I share. Keeping it simple is certainly a philosophy that would be best undertaken by all golfers, certainly those less proficient, but amazingly it often seems that the reverse is true. 

Phil Scott

PGA Professional

All the lessons. The positions. The tweaking. The thinking…

… made me worse.

I went from being able to hit the ball quite well, to not being able to hit the side of a barn!

I developed a weak and insipid slice ball. I even had my first air swing. I lost all power (I used to give the ball a bit of a rip).

And in what can only be described as the most confusing and frustrating point in my early golf career was:

The harder I tried to swing correctly, the worse I would get.

Now, as a fifteen year old kid, this made no sense to me. I was practicing hard. I was doing everything the teacher was asking of me. I was motivated.

But I couldn’t hit that stupid ball with any sort of consistency.

So what went wrong?

To answer that I need to fast forward a few years.

You see, eventually I worked everything out and was able to play way better than I ever thought possible.

But it took years to figure things out. At times I struggled and thought about quitting golf. I would play well one day…

… but the very next play so poorly that I honestly thought there was something wrong with me.

Like I said. It was all a bit of a nightmare.

But two seemingly unrelated events transpired to help me break free from all the frustration and unlock my MOST consistent golf game (a golf game that has allowed me to play scratch golf for nearly 30 years WITHOUT taking lessons or even needing to practise that much).

Event #1:  A wake up call

My dad is a straight shooter. He doesn’t suffer fools and one day, at the height of my despair (and after coming home from golf totally dejected) said words to the effect of:

”What the hell are you doing? You know how to play golf. Your game used to be amazing but those golf instructors don’t KNOW what they are doing. They are making you worse. You need to piss them off right away”.

That little rant from my father was the wake up call I needed to change my approach. All the lessons JUST weren’t helping me. So I stopped thinking so much about my swing and technique and just played.

This had an almost immediate positive effect on my game. I went on to shoot 14 rounds in a row of par or better.

Event #2: Rubbing shoulders with the smartest people on the planet.

My golf game was chugging along quite well WITHOUT all the theories. But I was still a little inconsistent and I was definitely interested in learning more about "proper" golf swing technique.

And, this is where I got lucky. My very small profile was enough to attract the interest of a New Zealand sports scientist.

He had done some amazing things in cricket (he helped change the laws of the game with respect to bowling) and he wanted to research golf at the same level.

What he didn’t have was someone who could play a little bit and knew the frustrations that golfers go through.

This is where I came in.

I was part of the scientific research team and got to rub shoulders with an international team of sports biomechanics. And the research involved:

- A multi-million dollar testing facility
- Analysis over every part of the swing (and club)
- Testing of the major muscle groups simultaneously
- Measurement of ground reaction forces so the scientists could understand weight shift and feet action

Plugging in all of the data into a complex 3D model of the human system - I was told this was the very first time this had been done before (this was all way back in 2004).

This wasn’t the best part. The info was amazing and I learned so much and even got to present some of the findings to the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport Conference.

But the best parts where in between times - when I got to talk and play golf with these super-geeks.

Not only were they super-smart, but they actually taught me more about learning and peak performance than any golf instructor had.

And one of the key insights I gleaned from them was this…

Golf Instruction Is Only A Single Piece Of The Learning Cycle

Here's what people are saying about My natural approach to the golf swing:

I have known Cameron for many years and I was first attracted to him because of his approach to finding your natural swing. I can vouch for his coaching methods and the science behind what he has created here. He has absolutely simplified the golf swing for all golfers.

Roger Podmore

Golf Coach and Biomechanist

You reminded me that the essence of golf coaching is to "get back to basics" which golf coaches sometimes forget (me included). It was great to have that reminder. Thank you.

Kevin O'Neill

The Putting Professor

It’s not the entire game.

So, while having amazing data and perhaps the BEST information ever discovered on the golf swing, they said:

”Cameron, don’t obsess about all this data! Information is only a small part of playing golf - it’s not the entire game. You still need to swing the golf club without fear of the consequences.

What’s more important is being able to communicate all this information in a way that a golfer can comprehend. If you’re going to obsess about anything, learn HOW to coach better”.

Holy shit!!!

This really hit home to me because it instantly highlighted WHY I had struggled with all the technical instruction in my earlier days.

My brain simply wasn’t able to integrate what I was being taught to do in any sort of meaningful way.

It was almost like the golf pro was speaking a different language. No matter what they told me to do, I really couldn’t do it.

Talk about frustrating.

I have since learned that only a very small percentage of golfers can take on the normal type of technical teachings and make it work for them - humans brains simply aren't wired to learn this way.

Research suggests that only around two percent of golfers learn this way.

Two percent!

It’s a tiny number and it really is no surprise why so many struggle with golf. It’s almost certainly why YOU find golf so hard.

You don’t learn with all those tips, tricks and technical theories.

And no matter how hard you try. No matter how many lessons you have. You can’t make things work.


It’s almost unfair.

An easier way

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you need an approach that gives you accurate information AND allows you to learn the mechanics of the golf swing in a way that IS easy and natural.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck on the golf instruction merry-go-round. And like me in my early days.

You’ll be confused. 
And fed up at NOT being able to hit the ball consistently.
Not able to swing with any sort of confidence for fear of doing something wrong.

Listen up. If any of this is resonating with you I want to make this very clear.

If you have been playing golf for years and years and still can’t play (or swing) anywhere near decently it’s not you that is broken.

It’s the system.

Too many theories.
Too much thinking.
Way too much contradiction.

And no way of actually learning something reliable.

Most of the golf instruction books and methodologies have been created by golf teachers who LEARN in an overly technical way.

But there are only two percent of golfers who learn this way. It’s all fine and dandy for the technocrats out there.

For everyone else, we need an uncluttered way that gives us some kind of chance.

To learn an effective golf swing that doesn’t short-circuit our learning system.

And this is what has consumed me for well over 20 years now. I’ve almost become obsessed with helping golfers fight back.

To allow them to play consistent golf WITHOUT sending them down the technical rabbit hole.

To own a powerful swing
To make golf simpler and easier
To have more fun
To play better when it counts (on the golf course)
To think less and get maximum results
To find deeper satisfaction

Make no mistake. The traditional way of learning golf (the technical approach) is well ingrained.

It’s not hard to find a teacher who can tell you everything that you’re doing wrong.

But has any of this really helped you? That’s probably the most important question I can ask you right now.

If you’re dissatisfied with how you are playing.
If you’ve had a ton of lessons but still don’t know what to do.
If you’re horribly inconsistent and frustrated at your poor play.
If you’re the shortest hitter in your group despite being fitter and stronger than your golfing buddies.
If you’re back and joints are sore from trying to swing in a way that doesn’t suit.
If you feel like your brain is about to explode from all the theories that are running around your head.

Then you need to stop that shit. Immediately.

Solving this has been
my life's mission

I’ve been writing golf learning books for over 20 years now. And in late 2023 I had an idea to write what I believe is the simplest and easiest way for any golfer to learn a powerful and natural golf swing.

I wanted to cut through all the bullshit and get golfers swinging freely and playing more.

The fact is, way too many golfers hit their best shots on on the driving range…and when they do get to the golf course they are next to useless.

Only a small fraction of golfers are able to swing for the fences and allow their natural and instinctive talent to come to the surface.

And this is what I’m passionate about.

Because golf, just like those geeky scientists told me, is NOT just about f#cking golf swing technique.

Far from it.

So I started writing a book about my golf journey and the ideas behind breaking free from all the rubbish.

This came easy for me. After all, I have written more than a dozen books on golf learning and peak performance.

One of my most popular books, Look & Shoot, has been read by over 30,000 people and is based on what I coached one of the best putters on the planet. You can see some of their stories below ....

From 13 Year Old Amateur To The Best Putter On The Planet:

Cameron turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.

Using Cameron's technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

I believe that Cameron's Look & Shoot System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength.

Aaron Baddeley

USPGA Tour Star & Phenomenal Putter (been ranked #1 for putting on the PGA Tour)

Just back from my first round following my read of your putting book and I shot my best score of the season...

On the 18th, a four-footer for par that stunned my buddies!

Marc Novella


I'm going great! 3 rounds and NO 3 putts. Bloody ripper

Chris Wood


I feel better over the putter than I have ever felt. Thank you for the insight. I'm very happy to have found this book

Jason Starkey

Happy client

I just wanted to let you know I am currently leading my club championships by 10 strokes with one round to play. I have a huge amount of confidence thanks to Look & Shoot

Anthony Rapley


Your vision into the game has already given me more confidence and less putts. My average is now 33 (down from 35/36) with my best of 30 putts!

Bob Apon


I have had tremendous success and am enjoying putting rather than dreading it. A decrease by .8 putts per round in the first 5 rounds.

Steve Roblin

Happy client

UnF#ck Your golf Swing

Yep. The name’s a bit naughty and on the edge, but fuck me, this is a game changer.

The content is mighty powerful if you’ve always wondered if there’s an easier way to play the golf of your dreams.

And it goes way beyond just having a pretty swing that’s only useful for the driving range.

This doesn’t interest me too much at all.

The golf course is the ultimate arena and I want you to be able to shake the living crap out of the game.

To extract every last ounce of talent, ability and enjoyment that’s on offer for your God given ability.

I’ve found time and time again that golfers completely OVER estimate how good they can be today.

But UNDERESTIMATE how good they can become tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

The secret is in your approach. With a technical mindset you are pretty much doomed from the start.

With a learning approach, with a methodology that works with your natural biomechancs and your learning system…

… you are all but guaranteed to make a breakthrough.

Now this could present itself with;

Lower scores
Lower handicap
Longer drives

But it can also allow you to go deeper.

An uncluttered approach (no longer do you need to remember 127 different things)
Deeper satisfaction
More enjoyment

And this almost always leads to lower scores without TRYING harder or reworking your swing. And this is the ultimate win-win scenario.

One of the greatest misconceptions in the golf instruction world is this:

Build a better golf swing and you’ll play better golf.

Problem is most of the shit we’re taught doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t work because MOST of us don’t learn this way.

And it’s why, I was desperate to share and easier approach. Here’s just some of what’s included in the book.

Why you CAN’T play better golf
The single MOST important golf swing fundamental that your golf pro HASN’T told you
How you can produce more speed and power in your golf swing without placing undue stress and strain on your body
Why almost all traditional teaching concepts destroy your swing (most teachers still coach this and is probably the single biggest reason for high handicaps all over the world)
The stupidly simple way that you can own the PERFECT golf grip for you
Why most typical stance instruction is not worth worry about (and what you should do instead)
The golf swing learning drill that instantly (and instinctively) shows you HOW good you really are (I have been doing this for years and it never ceases to surprise)
My favourite golf learning exercise that allows you to hit the ball like a true master (high, low, fade and draw etc)
The commonly taught golf fundamental that’s not only wrong, but is actually destroying your golf game (this one is so bad, but so common, it makes me mad)
How to stop slicing the ball (and it has absolutely nothing to do with your grip, stance or downswing). It’s so easy that you can stop the severity of your slice ball in a few minutes.
Why you don’t want to focus on your body (big muscle theory)
How to practise in a way that virtually guarantees you’ll succeed (and you don’t need to go to the driving range)

be the first to get
unf#ck your golf swing
and get an amazing deal!

I’ve spent the last few months tweaking and editing the book. And to be fair, it’s probably the very best thing I’ve ever written.

I have big plans for this book. And at some point, it will become a full training course, including a printed version.

But right now, because I’m so excited to launch it and get some feedback, I’m doing a BETA launch of sorts.

You get the full PDF (electronic version sent to your inbox) for a really crazy price + it comes with some supporting videos (that walk you through the training drills) and some bonus content. Plus, hot off the press, is the professionally recorded audiobook included that's included with this offer.

The book is over 20,000 words long and is easy to read and is full of coaching insights and wisdom. It has been 25 years in the making and I’m not sure I could present a golf swing learning guide more elegantly.

UnFuck Your Golf Swing + audiobook is available right now for only $33

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