YES Cameron! I'd like to purchase your Look & Shoot Putting E-book today from your super-secure shopping cart. I understand this e-book will help me simplify my putting game which will in turn allow me to sink putts and develop greater consistency on the greens.

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Look & Shoot Putting System

Electronic Book Delivered Instantly (value $67+)
Simplification of the Putting Process That Allows Your Learning System to Shine
Build Mental Toughness, Consistency and Resilience (priceless)
Maximise Your Full Putting Potential (No need to invest crazy-stupid money in those expensive putters)
Develop a consistent putting stroke without complicated mechanics.
Putt your best when the pressure is on and you MUST make those important putts!
Incredible Bonus Follow-up Training, including, email support, podcasts and other lessons
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My Look & Shoot Putting System will walk you step by step through a simpler and easier way to putt. No longer will your putting game be riddled with fear or self doubt. No longer will you be worried about missing putts and embarrassment. But rather, you'll have the inner confidence to putt freely and maximize your scoring potential. Best of all, the lessons will help you unlock your best putting golf game without needing to artificially change your stroke, spend hours and hours on the practice green or needing to invest $500+ in a new putter. 

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So what actually is the Look & Shoot Putting System
It’s based in part on what I coached one of the world's best putters. Look and Shoot could be the only putting system on the planet based on what I call natural or automatic learning. This makes it possible, for any golfer, including you, to make fast progress without overloading your learning system.
Can I get a hardcopy edition?
No. Sorry, but this book is only available as an electronic file. You can print the document if you wish and you can upload it to Kindle.
Do you have a video as well?
Yes. You can select the video version when you order. In fact, the video version contains 2 x videos that show you the process of Look & Shoot in greater detail. The video version also gives you access to the e-book.

I have the putting yips, will this help me?
There is an entire chapter devoted to the putting yips. I had the putting yips and believe passionately that the book gives you a proven method of overcoming this horrible affliction.
Is this shopping cart secure?
How is the content delivered?
The book is an electronic file. This means it's delivered right away. You can be reading the book in a matter of minutes. The bonus content is also available through your unique access credentials (emailed to you after purchase)

What are the bonus audios about?
They are extra special bonus offerings that go deeper into the process and cover some of the common mistakes golfers make.

What currency is the payment in?
All payments are in USD. 
What is your guarantee about?
I stand 100% behind the Look & Shoot Putting System because it truly does work. But I appreciate that not all golfers will respond to the concepts (because many golfers want things to be complicated and confusing) so for this reason, there's a no fuss guarantee. Either the book helps you (and all the other content) or you can get a full refund. You have nothing to lose.
What is the video about?
Back in the day I had a professionally produced and edited video done. So you'll get access to that. I have also included a special bonus video for those that chose this premium offering.

What People Are Saying

You must have been on the golf course watching me yesterday - I did not wipe a hole but had 11 one pointers - all through putting issues. So I read your quick guide this morning and was just about to move on to the full version when your email arrived - it encapsulates just about everything I was going through. 

From being around 30 putts a round in November to 40+ in the last 6 rounds (I play 3 times a week) my initial analysis is that I did not have any opportunity to actually practice (except on my lounge room carpet), so now I will aim to try out your suggestions. 

I had transitioned from a broomstick putter which had been extremely successful in lowering my handicap to A grade, to a short putter which I learned to use effectively, but suddenly sinking the 2 metre putts disappeared. Even reverting to the long putter only helped for a couple of rounds and even that has fallen by the wayside. 

At my age (73) good putting is the only way I can maintain a 12-13 handicap, so I will let you know how well your coaching goes with me - it worked years ago when you first offered advice.

Paul Korbel

Hi Cameron, took Look and Shoot theory to the course yesterday...
My three-putt tally dropped dramatically and my playing partners were
somewhat bemused by my new-found "form".
Will be getting stuck into the drills as often as I can.
Thanks heaps,

Alan D

Hi Cameron,

I'm not normally one to write emails but just wanted to let you know I tried your putting technique for the first time today in a round and had 27 putts.

27 putts is fantastic for me and although having a little trouble on really long putts my short putting was unbelievable.

Just wanted to say thank you, it certainly made putting enjoyable for me today. I've never trusted my stroke so much as what I did today.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Matt Brain