[Part 7] The Path To Consistent Golf

In the last few pages I've discussed the beauty of the 80/20 Rule and how using it, can transform your golf game from complex (and really difficult) into something much more simpler.

The whole idea is to give your learning system a break. Instead of needing to remember lots of rules and tips, you focus on the vital few. From here, you’ll get better results with the least amount of effort.

It’s a classic win-win situation and it’s how you apply the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). We’ve all been told to simplify and with my 80/20 ideas this is how you do it.

Today I want to expand on the concepts and give you a way of unlocking your full natural potential. I want to give you a way how you can apply 80/20 learning to your entire game, not just putting.

Full swing
Short game
Mental toughness (overcoming doubt and fear)
Practice (get more results in less time)
Overall learning and performance

I believe these are some of the most profound concepts ever to be presented in the golf world. The represent a true path to simpler and more consistent golf. And because the concepts are based on natural learning principles, they can be applied by any golfer, from tour player to weekend warrior.

Let me cover some of the common questions I’ve received about Automatic Golf and 80/20 learning.

Can it work for the full swing?
A: Absolutely. I’ve spent more time thinking about how to apply these ideals to the golf swing above all else.

Why? Because golfers love golf swing thinking and I knew if I could make owning a better golf swing simpler and easier, I’d be on a winner.
So I’ve blended everything I know about coaching, biomechanics and simple thinking and created a way that anyone can learn a better swing. And there’s no mumbo jumbo and you won’t get bogged down. It’s all about focusing on the key fundamental at letting your own powerful and reliable golf swing come to the surface.

So yes, you will see an improved golf swing.

This sounds like mental training to me, what is it?
A: While there’s certainly mental training aspects to what I do, I have gone past this. I have blended the physical aspects of swing technique and hitting the ball, with natural learning principles and mental training. You can’t have one without the other two. At least, you can’t have it without getting into difficulties.

And this highlights another huge problem with learning golf. Everyone is trying to separate the key aspects of golf. Mainstream teachers like to break everything down into smaller components and then you, the golfer, is forced to put the pieces back together again.

But how hard is this? It’s a complicated and ultimately frustrating when your golf game is in ruins and you don’t know where to go next.

With Automatic Golf, there’s no breaking the game up into pieces. It’s full learning that works with your system and not against.

Will I need to get worse before I get better?
A: Let me be honest. Sometimes you will go backwards, but it’s not normally the case. There’s no need to spend 6, 12 or 24 months in the golfing wilderness. When you simplify you’re making the game easier and your learning system will love you for it.

You’re allowing it to do what it does best. Learn. And you can enjoy the real fun that golf brings to the table. And here’s the really important part of this...

... because you won’t need to break your swing down and spend vast amounts of time tweaking your swing, you’ll spend more time actually playing golf and the more you do this the more quickly you’ll see results.

Automatic Golf is about getting your game in some sort of balance. Many golfers are obviously obsessed with their swing and performance. And because they spend so much time with this single-minded focus, they forget about enjoyment and learning.

And you can’t have one without the other. You need a balance. Check out the image below

This image comes from Tim Gallwey from the Inner Game of Golf and if you haven’t read that book you should. For you to become consistent at golf you need to devote equal time and energy at all areas. Sadly, most golfers are stuck on thinking about performance (swing, results, handicap etc)

Do I need to practice these concepts much?
A: You will need to get off the couch and apply what you learn, but you certainly don’t need to spend hours each week doing so.

Look. Automatic Golf is real-world coaching and the premise is you can learn all this stuff easily and naturally. Old-school thinking believes you first need to build your golf swing and then, and only then, go to the golf course.

But we don’t learn this way and it’s outdated and it makes golf hard and no fun.

When you get your golf to the automatic level - and let me tell you, this is way easier than you’d think possible - you won’t need to practise anymore. Once your skills become automatic you own them.

Yep, you can hit balls for enjoyment or for trying new things, but you won’t need to go searching for your swing. You can spend more time on the golf course and less time on the driving range.

My swing is no good so your ideas won’t work for me, will they?
A: Rubbish! Your swing is no good because you’ve spent years disrupting your learning system and bombarding it with too many tips and tricks.

You’ve had no chance of playing your best golf. And don’t tell me you haven’t got any talent for golf. Of course you do...

... I bet you’ve hit plenty of good shots and played well at times. But because you’ve never been shown how to enhance your learning and optimise your potential, you’re stuck on the hamster wheel, your going around in circles.

And to make matters worse, the harder you try, the worse you become. You’re frustrated, confused and fed up, but there is an easier way.

Automatic Golf transforms your mental and physical game. And it does this simultaneously so the learning is seamless and profound. For many struggling golfers, results can happen next time they head out because it’s all the excess baggage that is slowing them down.

Why can’t I take my game to the golf course? I hit the ball well on the fairway, but rarely do I play well when it counts. What’s happening here?
A: This is getting back to trying to break golf into different components. We think we need to practice differently from how we play.

But why do we do this? And, what happens when we practice like we play?

And this is your problem. Nobody has shown you how to practice in the right way. You’re stuck thinking too much about your swing and results and when you get to the golf course, you have no proper experience for shooting a score. Your system is overloaded and has no way of playing the game.

Also, I can almost guarantee you’re hitting balls on the range and working on success. You foolishly believe if you can hit 100 perfect shots in a row you’ll be able to take this amazing shot to the course.

Sadly, we don’t work this way. Practicing for success is potentially the biggest error golfers make. There’s almost no learning and at best, short term success in gained. By the time you get to the golf course, the magic is lost.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you need a good dose of common sense and to be shown the best way to practice.

Is my game going to look funny with Automatic Golf?
A: No way. Nobody will ever know what you’re doing. I’ve tested these principles at the highest level my game could take me. And nobody ever questioned it. It’s actually funny, because prior to nailing Automatic Golf and mastering my game, I received very few positive comments from people about my game.

But when golf starting working for me I received all sorts of positive comments. At one point my team mates called me “Hollywood” because they thought I loved the limelight and hitting great shots when the crowd were watching.

They also called me “The Natural” because of my despise of the practice fairway and anything technical. I used to walk straight from the car park to the first tee and beat most at my club.

But here’s the bottom line. You won’t look funny and I’m not going to ask you to meditate or stand on your head or ask you to adopt some sort of strange swing principle. No way. That sort of stuff is BS anyway

I’m going to help you find your best golf game. I’m going to help you unlock that golf game that you know is hiding inside you. And it’s all going to be done by focusing on the important few things that make the difference. And along the way you’re going to learn more about YOUR game than you do right now.

Transforming your game

We’ve covered some ground this past week and I want to look at the big picture. How will your game look when you apply the Automatic Golf principles?

You’ll be less stressed: Because there’s no need or desire to take in every bit of information you can, at least that’s my hope, your system won’t be stressed.

You’ll have more energy: Instead of walking from the course exhausted and worn out, you’ll almost feel like you have more energy. This is the beauty of working optimally.

You’ll be more confident: Automatic Golf allows you to focus on the vitally few important tasks that make the biggest difference. And these things are far simpler than most things you’re working on now. And because these concepts are easier to do, you’ll see success. And the more successful you are, the more your confidence will grow. Instead of going around in circles, you’ll actually get somewhere.

You’ll have more fun: I have been saying for years that only a very small percentage of golfers extract anywhere near the true amount of enjoyment that’s on offer. That’s because we’ve made golf too hard and disrupted our instinctive learning process. When things are put back into some sort of shape, you can’t but help but to enjoy yourself more.

You’ll be more focused: This is important. Where normally you’ll be overloaded with thoughts and ideas, with Automatic Golf you’ll have more clarity. Anyone can focus on one or two things with full concentration. And when you can do this for the entire round, you’ll be mentally more stable and tougher.

You’ll play more: There’s just no need to waste long hours on the practice fairway. If you truly want to explore your very best game then you must play more. It’s my hope to get golfers to spend less time on the driving range and more time on the golf course. The golf course is where the magic happens.

You’ll be way more consistent: Because you’ll be working naturally and optimally you can’t help but play more consistently. Your learning system will love you for it and you’ll be able to play more freely and with far less mental interference. Consistency is a natural byproduct of playing Automatic Golf.

You’ll maximise potential and even surpass your highest expectations: You’ll get better and better. Each outing will see you learn, grow and take your game to a higher level. In 3 months you’ll be better than you are now. In 12 months you’ll have made significant leaps. When the straitjacket, that is traditional golf instruction is removed, you are free to explore your highest potential. You’ll be forever gone from the golf instruction merry-go-round and on the fastlane to real golf learning, improvement and enjoyment.

You’ll hit better shots, lower your handicap and even find more power. This is the magic that awaits when you learn to operate optimally - when you learn how to blend proper mental skills with ideal methods of integrating technique.

You’ll experience true satisfaction: This is a little deeper but it’s where I reckon you’ll end up. Instead of too much focus on score and other small things, you’ll immerse yourself in the true beauty of the game. This is the path to mastery and longterm satisfaction.

Are you ready to start transforming your game for the better? Are you ready to unlock your best version of your most natural (and consistent) golf game?

On the next page I'm going to let you in on my proven "simple" way that allows any golfer to play their best with the least amount of effort. Keep your eyes peeled because what's on offer really does make it possible to unlock you true consistent game. I like to call this your authentic golf game.