[Part 4] The Path To Consistent Golf

The graph below is mighty powerful. Take a few moments to study it.

Most of us crazy golfers are stuck somewhere in the grey oval. If you haven’t experienced anything better, you won’t know any different and your golf game will appear normal.

But what really happens is you tend to go around in circles. You get lots of poor golf and when you do play well it’s hard work. So it’s not sustainable and you end up dropping back.

And because you don’t have the right mental software (nobody has ever told you so it’s not really your fault) when you try and play simply you get awful results. So, and this is very common, you’re forced to add things. But as we’ve discussed, adding things rarely works. Can you see how this is a nasty merry-go-round?

So you rarely, expect for the odd moments (a fluke?), experience easy and great golf.

Automatic Golf is different. The nuts of my system is to help you learn to play with a "simple mind". To not get bogged down with the nitty gritty. To coach you on moving away from all the normal type instructions, and play more on HOW you’re designed.

And because my system is based on sound scientific coaching principles, you’re hardwired correctly. This means your have a way of simplifying AND still being able to perform to a high level.

And this my friend, is how you play golf consistently. You need to transform your approach from complex to something more simple. When you take away all the unnecessary, you give yourself a fighting chance to play your best golf.

The really good stuff

Automatic Golf is awesome because it’s easier. There’s less fluffing about and you don’t need to remember 277 things each time you play.

You’ll certainly play more consistently because your system is working optimally. You are less likely to get mutant swings and much more likely to get your best efforts.

So it’s more fun. You’re free to play how you want and you can enjoy the walk, the surrounds and your playing partners instead of stressing about your swing (or whatever else you normally do).

It’s more rewarding. Not only does it lead to better play (lower handicap, improved shot making, less putts etc) it’s ultimately more satisfying. And this deeper satisfaction is where real learning takes place.

Golf should be about learning. Where normally we’re obsessed with our wrist cock or backswing plane, learning trumps all else. With a learning mindset (and I promise to cover this in more detail) the game of golf becomes the vehicle for true enjoyment.

I appreciate this can sound creepy and all weird. But it’s not. It’s completely normal and it’s how we do most other things. It’s just the golf industry has gotten way too technical and too focused on swing stuff. And it’s only getting worse.

Keep your eyes peeled because in my next email (it’s only a day or so from arriving in your inbox) I’m going to not only expand on these ideas, I’m going to share with you the single greatest concept that I’ve learned in relation to golf performance and learning. It ties in nicely with what I’ve discussed today and it makes it even easier to play consistently.