10 Putting Tips

These 10 tips are based on helping 22,500+ clients.

and 20+ years of research into human learning…

… and with assistance from super-smart sports scientist dudes.

And learning experts.

This isn’t just theory.

I know this works.

Day after day.

Even when you’re under severe pressure.

And when you WANT to putt your best.

Works for PGA Tour Stars.

To Weekend Warriors.

So, If you have more putts than you like.

Then please pay attention.

Tip #1: Lighten up (a little)

Simply, way too many golfers.

In all parts of the world.

Stress too much about their putting game.

End result?

They get even more stressed.

Which kills learning.

Hurts performance.

Results in missed putts.

I know your golf is important to you.

But take a chill pill.

And a deep breath.

You’ll feel better immediately.

Now putt.

I promise you’ll sink more.

Tip #2: Trust your learning system

This should be your main objective.


Your learning system is smarter than you think.

It will do almost all of the heavy lifting.

So, let it figure stuff out.

Because it will.

This means you can…

Tip #3: Forget about technique.

Yep. It’s controversial.

But nothing makes putting harder…

… Than tinkering with a 127 different things each time you putt.

- is my grip right?

- is my stance aligned?

- are my eyes over the ball?

- are my shoulders rocking?

- what’s my forearm plane?

- Is my shaft angle where it should be?

- How hard should I grip the putter?

- How much is this putt going to break?

All of this makes putting hard.

Way too hard.

And your goal should be to make it easier.

Have we gotta deal?

Tip #4: Reading greens

Stop being so cute.

Putting becomes infinitely easier when you get an approximation.

You don’t need to read greens like a NASA scientist.

That’s too hard.

Again, your learning system is smart.

It will figure most of this out.

Look at your putt.

Get a feel for the break.

Then trust that.

Then, learn to enjoy watching more putts find the bottom of the hole.

This really works.

Tip #5: Green speed

Same as above.

Don’t get too precise with this.

If I asked you to throw a ball to me.

I’m sure you’d look at me and then throw.

The ball will fly the perfect distance.

If I moved further (or closer) you’d nail it.

Every time.

Distance control with putting is no harder.

Just like throwing/tossing a ball.

Go with that.

You won’t be disappointed.

Tip 6: Walk to the ball

This is key.

Every bit as important as your stroke.

The walk to the ball helps you;

- stay focused

- phase out of thinking

- phase into automatic (instinctive play)

- bring your best stroke to the surface

- putt more consistently

Almost no golfer focuses on their walking.

Shame. Coz it helps.

A. Lot.

Tip #7: Practice stroke

You are a million times better off.

Yes a million.

If you look at the hole when you practice your stroke.

This is training yourself to get a feel for the putt.

Your system will figure the rest out.

Golfers tend to watch their stroke/putter when they practice.

This is bad.

Very bad.

Please don’t watch your stroke.

Coz you will think too much.

And thinking fails.

Watch the hole instead.

Tip #8: Simplify

This is prolly most important.

Take things away

- the 4th practice stroke

- looking at the putt from 7 different directions

- aim point (really?)

- taking 45 seconds when 15 will do

Same goes for your mental stuff.

Think less.

Stop your wheels spinning.

Give your brain a break.

You can thank me later.

Tip #9: Get comfy

I love this.

It’s a shortcut not often spoken about.

Get comfortable.

Too many bros want to prod and force you.

Into the most horrendous positions imaginable.

But you can’t putt this way.

Feels terrible doesn’t it?

Again, trust yourself.

Get into the most comfortable set up position you can.

And then putt.

Arrrrgh. Feels better already doesn’t it?

Tip #10: Repeat.

Once you lock into something that works don’t touch it.

Let it be.

Go deep with THIS approach.

I see too many golfers miss one simple putt…

… then they blow up.

Think they have no talent.

Believe they need to rebuild their stroke.

And then go around in circles trying to fix things.

It’s madness.

From here they end up wasting weeks, months or years.

Listen up.

You won’t make ALL putts.

No matter how much you practice.

How good your stroke it.

Or how talented you are.


Let your learning system shine.

Don’t panic after the odd missed putt.

It’s reality.

And what happens when you relax and repeat?

Your putting game becomes easier.

It naturally gets better.

You’ll feel better about yourself.

You’ll prolly make some pressure putts.

You might even see better results in all parts of your game (my best clients do)

Does this make sense?

Hope so.

These 10 tips aren’t really tips.

They are learning insights.

That are way more powerful than technical tips.

And they work because we are all hardwired to learn.

We all have the same capacity to learn.

Even if you feel you can’t putt.

Or you have 40 putts+ per round.

Or you’ve tried every type of putter and still yip and embarrass yourself.

Want more?

You’re in luck.

I have written a short book that focuses fully on this learning approach.

And it’s all about putting better naturally.

In a way that doesn’t mess with your learning system.

Or force you to do anything uncomfortable.

Or crazy (like meditation or using a reverse claw grip 🙂 )

But it can help you start putting almost immediately.

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Thanks for reading,

Cameron Strachan
Natural Learning and Putting Expert

P.S. This natural learning stuff is pretty powerful. Even worked for the world’s best putter. See the next page to discover some of the golfers this book has helped.

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