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The Simplest Way To a Better Golf Swing

The Amazing Natural Swing Learning Model That Makes Golf No Harder Than Throwing a Ball.

Here's just some of what's contained in this special online offer


Get Cameron's brand new Ebook, Unf#ck Your Golf Swing, that simplifies your golf swing  and allows you to unlock golf with a natural swing


Comes with supporting videos that walk your through the most important lessons - see the swing in action and fast-track your performance.

Bonus Lessons

Even more lessons that cover the nuance of this natural approach

Unf#ck your Golf Swing FAQ

Comprehensive FAQ section that our clients tell us is worth the entire cost of the program

Email Lessons

Cameron helps you keep on track with further lessons & case studies that come via email

Email Support

Got a question? Easy, just email Cameron and he'll come back to you with an answer. How many other authors offer this?



I have been reading/following your technique, many of the properties and values I share. Keeping it simple is certainly a philosophy that would be best undertaken by all golfers, certainly those less proficient, but amazingly it often seems that the reverse is true.

Phil Scott

PGA Professional

Want to simpler, easier and more powerful golf swing?

Get immediate access to Unf#uck your Golf Swing  by clicking the big yellow button. 



Here's just some of what Cameron's clients have experienced after UnF#cking their golf swing...

A more powerful swing
Golf feels simpler and easier
More fun on the golf course
Play better when it counts
Think less and get better results
A deeper sense of satisfaction with their game
Emptiness of approach - more bandwidth to enjoy golf and succeed

Your Questions Answered

Can I get a hardcopy version?

Not at this stage. All the information is delivered via an online portal with immediate access once payment has been confirmed.

What is Unf#ck Your Golf Swing  about?

You’re going to get the natural learning version of the golf Swing I have taught to hundreds of players around the world. It’s simple & highly profound coaching that is going to help unlock your best golf game. 

Why can't I buy on Amazon?

You are getting more than an e-book. You also receive bonus coaching in the form of follow up emails, bonus audios and even a Fast Start Guide. This extra content cannot be delivered through another platform.

What currency is payment in?

All payments are in USD. We sell all over the globe and USD is the currency for online payments.

How can I consume/view the material?

The material can be viewed on mobile/cell, tablet, laptop or PC. All information is stored on a private member-only portal.

Is there a video of the system?

Yes. Bonus videos are available at no charge. But please be quick as once we exit the Beta launch, you'll be paying full price for the supporting videos.

Get the Unf#ck Your Golf Swing System for only $24.95 (special intro offer)

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