Everything You Need To Know About
The Look & Shoot Putting System

The Look & Shoot Putting System is a coaching methodology that bypasses most of the rubbish/heartache/frustration you've tried in the past with respects to putting your best.

It works because it utilises your inbuilt learning system. And because you're human (and hardwired to learn), it's almost impossible for you not to get positive results. So, you'll get enhanced results with the least amount of stress/worry/concern/effort.

Look & Shoot is for golfers:

Who believe that they have the talent and skill inside themselves to putt their very best. They just need to know how to unlock it consistently
Who have tried all the theories (and bought lots of new putters) but still don’t putt anywhere near their best.
Who are excited about unlocking their natural putting game and testing it out each time they play
Who care about putting freely and without fear and complication
Who understand that better putting is a part of the overall game, and when approached from a learning perspective, can have profound influence on all areas of the game.
Look & Shoot goes way beyond the usual tips and putting theories you’ve tried in the past (like, rock your shoulders, keep your eyes over the ball or putt low and slow). It’s based on a learning methodology that enhances your performance as well as your overall enjoyment
L & S is a principles base approach (think: a proper strategy that works with your body and mind) to make putting success no harder than throwing a ball to someone.
Key Point: The main thing here is to start thinking less about your stroke, mechanics or your putter and learning to let your natural learning system do the heavy lifting (like putt the ball into the hole). This is exactly how we’re designed to function - especially when out on the golf course and needing to perform under pressure.

If this all sounds great and has gotten you interested, please read on.

Hi Cameron,

I'm not normally one to write emails but just wanted to let you know I tried your putting technique for the first time today in a round and had 27 putts.

27 putts is fantastic for me and although having a little trouble on really long putts my short putting was unbelievable.

Just wanted to say thank you, it certainly made putting enjoyable for me today. I've never trusted my stroke so much as what I did today.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.


Matt Bain - Happy Customer

Thoughts from Cameron:

This is why I am so passionate about this kind of golf learning. There’s more substance to the results. It goes deeper. And it’s way more enjoyable. Look & Shoot gets you away from some weird tip straight off the Golf Channel and allows you to connect with the game in a much more meaningful way. When a golfer learns to trust himself and enjoy the art of putting, the sky really is the limit to how far you can go.

Look & Shoot walks you through the process of putting the ball in a way that suits you and coaching you through a methodology that allows you to do this all the time.

Sidenote: I am not promising you’ll sink every putt and you will never three-putt. This kind of bullshit is what makes golf too hard. Look & Shoot gives you a roadmap for bringing your best putting game to the surface so you can use it when you need it most. When you can do this, you maximise your potential for success. You'll have a roadmap for maximising success on the putting green.

Here's an example of how it all works:

You are faced with a pressure putt. Let’s say it’s a 4 foot down-hiller on the first green for par. You really want to make it to get your round off to a good start.

Instead of getting distracted by all the noise, you have a process that keeps you calm and your mind focused.

And because you have locked into your best version of your OWN putting stroke, you have an inner confidence that you can sink the putt. There are no surprises. There’s no guessing.

You now have a process for walking to the ball, getting set and stroking the putt with conviction (by the way, most other putting theories or concepts don’t give this part anywhere near enough attention)

Where once you would miss these small putts, you are able to get them into the hole a huge percentage of the time. This also increases your confidence.

Your golfing buddies now comment on you being an “ice man” because you rarely miss (or three putt) when it counts. You continually get better and better and your confidence compounds.

You are able to repeat YOUR process on each and every putt you now face. And because you're now working with your inbuilt learning system, you find golf way more easy and enjoyable (almost no other traditional golf learning covers this aspect)

The nuances between the technical and learning approach are subtle but nonetheless profound. You are now able to play golf with far greater enjoyment and satisfaction. Your golfing mates are still lost, trying to fix their grip or remember what they saw on the Golf Channel.

There is more to putting that just the stroke (technical stuff). Real breakthroughs occur when you delve deeper into the art of putting and play with full awareness. Awareness of your thoughts and feelings. And then having the resilience (and courage) to do what feels right to you.

Instead of shallow tips and tricks that have left you short changed. I go deep. I want to challenge you to break the shackles of a technical mindset and putt how you know you can.

I want you to explore and find your true putting stroke. This is your authentic putting game that can deliver results time after time and will feel so good, your putter will become an extension of your body. You might even start to LOVE putting 🙂

You’ll become a better golfer

And this is the beauty of a learning methodology. Because learning is learning and golf is a complete system.

So you’ll see breakthroughs in your entire golf game.

My best clients report back to me and say things like, “Cameron, I love your putting program, it has really helped me. I have also applied the principles to my entire golf game and am reaping the rewards there too”.

I love this stuff. This is what real coaching is all about and what is so wrong with quick tip instruction.

With a learning mindset you open yourself up to all sorts of new possibilities. You may even surprise yourself at how good you really are.

Just so I am clear: Look & Shoot is not about just putting technique or stroke mechanics.  But, I want to make this point clear too:

Your stroke mechanics will improve. But instead of having to think and practice them ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

They will improve naturally. This ensures long term retention and satisfaction and it's just way easier.

Look & Shoot is not some quick fix gimmick with the promise of an instant cure.

I want you to move past all this kind of stuff and become a master golfer. A mentally stable golfer with a bullet-proof attitude who’s ready to putt your best. I want you to take what you learn inside Look & Shoot and shake the living crap out of it.

I want you to putt without fear and self-doubt and truly unleash your best version of your golf game on the world. And I want you to have the time of your life doing it.

If all this resonates with you I know you’ll love my Look & Shoot Putting System. It will change your approach and your thoughts about golf improvement and putting. And I have no doubt that it will give you the kind of golf game that you know you’re capable of.

If you’ve been stuffing around, yipping, 3-putting and missing lots of putts…

If you have tried all the theories and all sorts of new putters and gimmicks and training aides but still can’t get the ball into the hole …

Then you owe it to yourself to do something about it. Look & Shoot will show you how.

Product Information

The Look & Shoot Putting System is an online course (there is nothing posted to you). You can access the training course immediately, even if it's 2AM. The course is presented on my private online portal and has been created to be accessible on all devices. This includes, mobile, tablet and desktop. Some very resourceful individuals have even been known to print out some of the PDF resources so they can consume the content offline. 

Content includes:

1.  The complete training manual and Fast Start Guide

2.  Audio version of the training manual

3. Complete video library of the process (over 3 hours of videos) including real life case studies. The video library also includes a dedicated module on eradicating the putting yips.

4. Follow up lessons via email - you will receive ongoing lessons from me via email that dig even deeper into the program and keep you on track and focused.

5. Video review done by me. Simply send me a video of you putting and I'll do the rest. This is a bonus offering to ensure you're on the right track and are getting the most from the system.

6. Detailed FAQ section. Get access to my complete FAQ library that has come after 20 years of answering all sorts of questions related to the putting game. Some peeps have told me this is the most amazing putting learning resource they have ever had access to.

7. Email support. Can't find an answer to a question you have? I've got you covered because you get unlimited email support from me. I answer all questions personally and usually get back to my clients the same day.

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure (please read the below before proceeding):

All pricing is in USD 

Let me be very clear: I have no doubt whatsover if you follow the process contained inside Look & Shoot you'll have a breakthrough.

And a breakthrough can present itself as fewer putts, less 3-putts, enhanced feel, remarkable putting performances or even greater enjoyment satisfaction. And these breakthroughs definitely lead to lower scores.


... there are no refunds on this purchase whatsoever. So please take your time and read everything on this page. If you have any doubts about my claims and/or what Look & Shoot is about, please don't make a purchase today.

If you choose not to buy, there are no hard feelings on my end. I have said many times that automatic learning is not for every one and there's absolutely no hard sell or pressure from me.

You can consume the material as quickly or as slowly as you need. This is not a race and I actually encourage you to take your time and really let the process sink in. You get lifetime access to the member's portal.

When you click the link below you'll be taken to my secure (and safe) checkout page. I use the ThriveCart shopping cart and I believe it's the best in the business (I've tried 10+ different options).

You can pay with PayPal or with your credit card.

Please be sure to double check your email address (any typo will result in a delay in receiving access credentials to the online portal)

Cost: $197

If you have any questions about the course and how it can help you, please contact me via this online form. That's about it for me now. We have been on quite the journey and I look forward to helping you transform your putting game.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

PS If you are still on the fence I’ve added a sample of some of the many unsolicited responses I’ve had from my clients.

It would be great to add yours to the list soon.

Even More Things Golfers Are Saying...

You must have been on the golf course watching me yesterday - I did not wipe a hole but had 11 one pointers - all through putting issues. So I read your quick guide this morning and was just about to move on to the full version when your email arrived - it encapsulates just about everything I was going through. From being around 30 putts a round in November to 40+ in the last 6 rounds (I play 3 times a week) my initial analysis is that I did not have any opportunity to actually practice (except on my lounge room carpet), so now I will aim to try out your suggestions. I had transitioned from a broomstick putter which had been extremely successful in lowering my handicap to A grade, to a short putter which I learned to use effectively, but suddenly sinking the 2 metre putts disappeared. Even reverting to the long putter only helped for a couple of rounds and even that has fallen by the wayside. At my age (73) good putting is the only way I can maintain a 12-13 handicap, so I will let you know how well your coaching goes with me - it worked years ago when you first offered advice.

- Paul Korbel

Since following your programme I joined a month ago my last 3 gross rounds have been -3, level, -2 with 31- 31- 30 putts per round. A big improvement on what came before and as a 64 year old 3 handicapper i can’t tell you how delighted I am - wish I’d found the method 50 years ago

- Ian Smyth

Hey Cameron,

My putting has definitely improved using your methods. Still trying to commit to the routine and letting it go.
It’s not automatic yet, especially under pressure, but it works more often than not.
I’m convinced it’s the way forward, so I’ll keep at it. Thanks again for all your help. Regards,

- Peter Gibson

Hi Cameron, took Look and Shoot theory to the course yesterday...
My three-putt tally dropped dramatically and my playing partners were
somewhat bemused by my new-found "form".
Will be getting stuck into the drills as often as I can.
Thanks heaps,

- Alan D

I truly believe your system makes so much sense so hoping I can do it justice ...

- Sue Donnellan

I say this as a psychologist ... you may be onto something

- Peter

Hi Cameron,

I'm not normally one to write emails but just wanted to let you know I tried your putting technique for the first time today in a round and had 27 putts.

27 putts is fantastic for me and although having a little trouble on really long putts my short putting was unbelievable.

Just wanted to say thank you, it certainly made putting enjoyable for me today. I've never trusted my stroke so much as what I did today.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.


- Matt Brain

I started really well. In fact, one of my partners commented that he noticed I had made a change and it reminded him of how Aaron Badds putts!

- David Webster

My son “Lucky” has been working your method for a couple of weeks now. He is 16 and currently one of the top players on his high school team. 

He looks much more comfortable in his routine and we have already noticed improvement in his lag putting. This week will be his first real test as his team has their first 2 day tournament on Friday and Saturday. I will provide an update then.


- Dan Livingston

Hi Cameron

I’ve seen a real improvement in putting overall particularly in getting long putts close enough to expect the next one to drop.

- Chris Martin

Hi Cameron,

I’ve only had one game since getting your ebook, I was definitely 3 putting a lot less.

- Gerard Mullen

Much better. no 3 putting yesterday got nearly all putts to the hole or just past.Will be happy if I just shave just another 4 putts off my round as I'm a 9 hcp. I'm sure if I keep using your method I won't be off 9 in a few weeks.

Thanks for your help..

- Geoff Davis

I’m a poster child for this book. I’m a weekend golfer, 40-45 rounds a year and typically shot in the low 80’s or broke 80 a few times a year. Never been a great putter but decent. Then, my putting went down the tubes. My score did as well. I regripped my putter and when that didn’t work I bought a new one. That didn’t help either. Putting is the stroke we overthink the most and it also has the most impact on our score. I read the book and it was immediately apparent that I was overthinking every aspect of my stroke. I’ve only been able to get 2 rounds in since the book but 3 putts are disappearing. 3-5 foot putts aren’t so intimidating. This a longer post then I intended but I’m a believer. Good luck out there

- Bill Fleming

Was made to tell my playing partners how come I was putting so well!

- Bernie M

Hi Cameron

Enjoyed reading your book and watching the video…Overall I am feeling a lot better about my putting simply because I am not over thinking it all.

I am using your techniques and they are working really well and it has reduced the number of 3 putts I have had in the last 5 rounds. What I am noticing though is finding is my conscious mind jumped in a couple of times to try and distract me…..This happened in my last round. So I will keeping working on that

Overall, I feel more confident, I am less stressed about my putting

- Reon Goodwillie

Hi Cameron
Thanks for reaching out. Enjoying listening to your podcasts too.
I have only play a few rounds on my own but the putting has been outstanding

- Rob K

Hi Cameron 
Since reading the book and listening to you simple advice, I have noticed a considerable improvement. Not so much in the results of holing longer putts but more so the less anxiety I’m feeling over all putts. Letting feel take over, not fear, and trust replace uncertainty seems to mean improvement to me. I’m actually looking forward to putting, not dreading.
I have not measured it yet but I have been holing the ones you should get in more cases, I have had less 3 putts, and the longer putts are being left nearer the hole and as a consequence easier to 2 putt.

It’s only early though and being a negative thinker and sceptical person let’s hope it continues. I will let you know

- Rob Tozer

Super short background...

I bought your book because years ago I remembered Aaron putting so quickly, so well. He made it look easy and uncomplicated.

When I received the book, I was interested to see how short it was and how straightforward it’s technique.

I’m a 6-handicap, but very average putter. I don’t really like putting. Because your technique is so simple, I used it confidently the first and only round I have played since learning it.

The result?...25 putts, including just 9 putts on the back nine!  I one-putted the first three holes and just started laughing; never had I “tried” so little and succeeded so much at putting.

- Rick Bragdon


I used your method in 3 rounds in last 7 days. I am amazed how much my putting has improved.  Great method. Even when I struggled on back nine. I did not quit your program. Hopefully good things to come.

Look and Shoot baby

- Bob

Hi Cameron,

  I have had some great short term results so far and I am sticking to your advice. Amazingly for me I have played 36 holes of golf and 11 holes last night at Yarrawonga and am yet to have a 3 putt. Funny last night my mate who plays off plus 3 said to me he can’t believe what I am doing ...

.. .I have not thought about one putt other than a short glance behind the ball

- Ken Stevenson

Cam, my putting is awesome mate.
Dropped a monster for eagle on Saturday and putted like a demon on Sunday too.
Think i only missed one inside 6 feet odd all weekend and lags were only a foot or so from the cup.
The putter is fxxxking awesome too

- Mike Clark (NZ)