Putting Learning System Reveals...

"How To Unlock Your
Authentic Putting Game
& Start Sinking Putts Consistently, In A Way That Matters To You"


Why Almost all traditional putting advice makes it impossible for you to putt consistently

Putting. It should be the simplest of all sporting tasks but it isn't.

At least not for every golfer. Some of us crazy golfers are so bad at putting that golf can be downright miserable.

Get so nervous we can't take the putter away from the ball.
We miss the easy putts and three-putt way too often.
We feel depressed, embarrassed and start to dislike the game.

I know how you feel. After a promising start to my golfing life, I got to the point where I didn't want to play anymore because of pathetic putting.

My putting became so horrendous, that tennis seemed like a better option.

I was sick and tired of watching other golfers who had less talent & dedication than me, sink putt after putt and make it look easy.

All I wanted was the confidence to walk onto the green and get that little white ball into the hole.

I wanted to maximize my scoring potential and finish each round knowing I hadn't left a bunch of shots out on the course.

And here's the really annoying thing about all of this...

Putting never used to be a problem. In fact, when I first started playing golf, it was probably the best part of my game.

I would look at the hole. I would look back at the ball and then putt the ball.


And many putts would go into the hole.

But then I started having lessons.

I got told, "Cameron, your stroke is too short" or "You need to go 'low & slow'" or "You need to take more time" or "Your stroke is too wristy".

So I went about changing my technique and this led to the beginning of a golfing nightmare.

So what is the best way to fix your putting? And can this be done easily and naturally?

Here's what people are saying about this natural approach to putting:

Cameron turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.

Using Cameron's technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

I believe that Cameron's Look & Shoot System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength.

Aaron Baddeley

USPGA Tour Star & Phenomenal Putter

You reminded me that the essence of golf coaching is to "get back to basics" which golf coaches sometimes forget (me included). It was great to have that reminder. Thank you.

Kevin O'Neill

The Putting Professor

You have forever changed my golfing life! My putting has always caused me major angst!  Even when I could play, I never felt comfortable putting.  I actually hated getting to the green.  My average number of putts when I was on tour was probably 32 - 36 putts a round!

Holy crap!  I've seen more balls go in the hole in the last week than I have in the past year. 

Name Withheld

Multiple USGA Winner (USA)

The Biggest Issue With traditional Golf Coaching...

And without being too dramatic...

All of the lessons and tips and changes destroyed my natural putting game.

I went from an over-confident kid to someone who couldn't take the putter away from the ball.

I got the yips.

I felt awful.

I had no confidence.

I missed lots of putts.

And the harder I tried, the worse I became.

And the biggest lesson in all of this?

Is that not every golfer can take on those type of instructional (technical tips) lessons and make them work.

In fact, my research suggests that only 2% of golfers (they are called auditory digital learners) can use all the technique and get results.

For everyone else, we need a different way because we're not cut out to think a lot, force our bodies into silly positions and still putt decently.

And the fact that you're reading this lesson today suggests to me that you're not one of the lucky 2%.

The Truth About Putting

At the point of giving up golf (because I just couldn't figure putting out) I made one simple discovery.

What was it?

Putting is no different from any other skill we perform day to day.

Walking. Talking. Driving a car.

It's actually very similar to throwing a ball to someone...

... we look where we want to throw and then toss the ball.

We don't worry about our hand position or what our head is doing. We toss the ball.

And because this process is greatly simplified...

... we are 100% able to perform the task successfully. All. Of. The. Time.

It's more profound because the simplification ensures that we get better and better and better over time.

Sadly, most of the golf industry are asleep at the wheel here. Why?

Because the "technical" approach is so prevalent.

And we are brainwashed to believe that if we fix our technique we will start putting better.

What's even more important to understand here is that the majority of the technical instructions are created by teachers & coaches who are auditory digital learners.

So it's hard to escape the debilitating effects of all those technical instructions.

What is actually happening is WHY you find putting so difficult...

... the very thing you're doing (all those tips and theories) are actually the root cause of your problems.

The harder you try, the worse you become.

It's Not Your Fault!
The System Is Broken

Let me be brutally honest here:

If you disrupt your learning system YOU CAN'T perform.

If you do this long enough then putting will become a complete nightmare for you.

You WILL miss lots of putts.

You WILL get too nervous.

You WILL struggle to perform under pressure (like each time you play golf)

You WILL get frustrated because you WON'T know how to putt (and the harder you try the worse you will become)

You WILL experience uneasiness on the green or worse, full-blown PUTTING YIPS.

You WILL waste money on buying new putters and taking golf lessons...

... but nothing will work for you unless you start learning to putt in a more natural and instinctive way.

Putting should be easy. It should be fun and enjoyable for all.

You SHOULD be able to sink those short putts and you shouldn't be three-putting every second or third hole.

But I have No Natural Talent!!

I'm calling rubbish here. Why?

Because I bet you have had plenty of good rounds where you have putted well.

And, if nothing else, you are able to putt well on the practice putting green.

Your problem isn't that you have zero talent (and let's be honest here, putting is a very easy skill compared to long driving) it's that you have so much garbage running around in your head that you have completely lost the plot.

You need a way to block out the rubbish and find a way to unearth that all-too-infrequent brilliant putting skill.

Surely I Must Fix My Stroke First?

Here's the thing about Natural Learning...

... when you stop trying so bloody hard to fix your technique, something amazing happens.

Your putting technique gets better all by itself. YOU DON'T NEED TO FIX IT!

It's a bit like that classic movie The Karate Kid where Daniel is able to learn the complexities of karate by performing what he thought were chores around the house.

Washing cars
Painting fences
Fixing floorboards

His learning system figured out the technique of karate by not thinking about it. This is the magic of proper coaching.

By the way: coaching is vastly different from teaching. Teaching is "telling you what to do" and is why most of us dislike school. Coaching goes far deeper and for the vast majority, it infinitely more effective.

Here's something else for you to consider:

If you've tried all the putting tips and techniques. If you have bought new putters (and training aids) and you still are putting poorly, then;

The technical approach does not work for you.

If you still want to wander down the technical road, I am not sure anyone is able to help you.

If you keep doing what you've always done, then you'll always get the same result. Expecting anything different is a fast-track to the madhouse.

But I don't Want to Start Over

I hear you loud and clear.

If you're like me the chances are you've been around the block a few times.

You have had lots of lessons with all sorts of golf pros in an attempt to fix your putting.

You have practiced a lot to improve your stroke.

You have purchased many new putters and you probably have a garage full of them!

You have tried really hard to find the solution to better putting.

But nothing has worked.

And I know you don't want to try something else, only to fail once again!

I get it.

But natural learning is different for TWO key reasons.

1. You don't need to get worse before you get better.

I can say this with upmost confidence because I know you already have the putting skill inside you.

Essentially, we would not be rebuilding anything, but rather, simply bringing what you already have to the surface and then enhancing your natural skill.

2. Results happen fast

Because you are learning optimally, you get results fast. It's why many of my clients report better putting results first game out.

It's like a light switch going off. Instead of trying to rebuild your stroke/technique from scratch (which takes a lot of time and effort) you are tapping into your inbuilt learning system which already knows how to putt.

And to be perfectly honest with you, putting really isn't that hard. It's not rocket science. So there's no crazy learning curve that's going to derail your game for months and months. The bottom line is almost all of my clients experience a major breakthrough in no more than 14 days. Many see results next game out!

Will This Work For Me?

Please listen carefully...

This natural learning stuff is NOT for everyone. And I have long since given up on trying to sell to EVERY golfer on the planet. Here's why;

Not every golfer is ready to give up on all this technical instruction. And it's not really their fault because after all, the technical approach is well and truly mainstream.

And golfers (and humans for that matter) don't like bucking the system. We are hardwired to conform and don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

I get that. But when you adopt a more instinctive approach nobody is going to notice anything different about what you're doing.

It's not like I am going to get you to stand on your head or use some weird putting technique. And this isn't some strange visualization or mental trickery (I've tried most of that stuff and it doesn't work anyway).

The only thing that your golfing buddies will notice is improved performance:

You'll sink more putts.
You'll three-putt way less often.
You'll have an inner confidence.
And you'll putt way better than you have before.
You'll sink MORE of those important putts (like the putt on 18 to win all of the money)

And they'll be begging you to tell them what your secret putting tip is. You'll drive them crazy with a magic-like ability to get the ball into the hole when it counts.

So, will this work for you?

If you're human, yes. We are all hardwired to learn and learning is instinctive to us all. Simply,

We all have the same capacity to learn and if you break free from all the technical instructions, confusion, contradictions and quick-fix promises, success happens as a natural side-effect.

You can't stop your amazing learning system from putting the ball into the hole. You just need to get out of it's way and let it do what it does best.

And let me explain things better with this image below:

Take a moment to study the image because it highlights why traditional putting techniques have failed you:

While you can certainly putt well sometimes, the fact is it's hard to keep the good stuff going. 


Because you are not working optimally. So, you are treading water and the forces of nature are working against you, stopping you from putting your best.

At some point you'll overload. You'll get tired. You'll slip up.

And this shows up as a three-putt, a yip or a little miss when you least want it. The Putting Performance Matrix also helps explain why you can putt well for SOME of your round, but you stumble badly over the last few holes.

If you disrupt your system for long enough then you'll get poor performance while simultaneously working way too hard. This is NOT a good place to be and this ultimately leads to a putting slump and/or the putting yips.

Alternatively, some golfers give up completely. While they are not working too hard, they are performing at a level well below their natural potential. These golfers are dissatisfied and become fed up with golf.

Natural Learning is different. You have nature on your side so you get the best putting results with the least amount of effort. Can you say win-win?

And because you're working optimally, you continue to get better and better over the journey.

There is little downside with natural learning, other than learning to deal with consistent and enhanced results.

And it gets better. Because learning is learning, my best clients apply the same principles to the rest of their game with outstanding results. This includes, but is not limited to:

- their golf swing
- their short game
- their iron play
- their mental game
- their overall course strategy

I have even had clients tell me my coaching ideas have changed their life.

If You're Ready To Proceed I need to Tell You 3 Important Things

I hate surprises and I do everything in my power to ensure you know the full story before making a purchase from me. Please read the following three things carefully before proceeding.

1. Product is delivered through my online golf portalThis means that I am not going to be posting anything physical to you in the mail. The complete Look & Shoot System IS NOT available in physical form. You will receive access details once your order has processed successfully and this gives you access to my brand new learning portal.

If this, immediate access/electronic stuff bothers you or you don't feel comfortable accessing the training on a smartphone, tablet or computer, please do not buy Look & Shoot.

2. My coaching ideas are far removed from traditional technical type instructions. If you've found this page randomly and are expecting more of the same technical type instructions that are found on Youtube and in golf magazines, you'll be disappointed. I have used 25+ years of experience with natural learning, biomechanics, human learning and my own golfing experience to produce content that's more in tune with HOW we are meant to learn.

There's no mental trickery or any "weirdo" stuff going on. This is real coaching that activates your learning system and this works for almost all of the golf population (98%).

3. There are no refunds on this purchase. If you're the kind of golfer who is looking for a performance guarantee then please don't proceed. I have been around the block a few times and have had 25,000+ clients from all over the world. I have seen every possible type of person and I know, hand on heart, the worst clients are those looking for (or expecting) some sort of guarantee before proceeding. As a company rule, I no longer offer guarantees on my training courses.

If any of the information you've consumed to this point makes you unsure about the type (or quality) of coaching you are going to receive, then please, respectfully, do not buy from me.

With all of that said, if you are ready to transform your putting game and are keen to break free from the technical mindset, I have the following for you:

the Complete Look  Shoot Putting System

(You're getting so much value in this package it was difficult to show you everything in one image)

100% secure checkout

Trusted Seller


Let's Break This Down

My Look & Shoot System  is a fully digital product (access through my online training portal) that gives you lifetime access. The content is delivered in the written word, videos and audios. Plus there's follow up lessons/insights/coaching that are delivered via email.

The online portal is a supremely more elegant way of delivering this content to you. It's mobile (phone and tablet) friendly and it's super-easy to navigate your way around the content and therefore get more from the training. And yes, you can access via a normal desktop computer.

Look & Shoot System is perhaps the only golf learning resource on the planet that's fully devoted to coaching you through the process of successful putting with a Natural Learning Methodology. It's real-world learning that has been shown to work for the 98% of golfers who can't grasp the normal technical approach.

Here's just some of what You'll Learn:

How to unlock your natural putting stroke
How to putt your best under pressure instead of worse
How to enhance your natural putting stroke so it gets better and better over time.
How to bullet-proof your mindset so you putt your best right through to the 18th!
How to practice properly so you get Reward for Effort
How to sink more of those pressure putts
How to read greens like a magician so you'll reduce three-putting
How to maximize your scoring potential so you STOP leaving shots out on the course

Standard Price: $1266

Today Only $397

Will I actually Learn?

Yes. You will learn because you're human (not suitable for non-humans). And we're are all hardwired to learn and have the same capacity to learn. Most golf instruction disrupts our learning system but the Look & Shoot System is the only putting training system in the world that's based on natural learning

You are getting my full Look & Shoot Training Program that has worked for 1000s of golfers around the globe (over 20,000 in fact). It has been read by USPGA Tour Stars, elite amateurs, single digit golfers, club golfers and weekend warriors from every golf playing nation on the planet.

It's particularly useful for adult learners who have tried everything, but failed, to fix their inconsistent putting game. Below, you can see just a fraction of the testimonials I have received (I get 2-3 everyday and struggle to keep up with them all ).

Just back from my first round following my read of your putting book and I shot my best score of the season...

On the 18th, a four-footer for par that stunned my buddies!

Marc Novella


I'm going great! 3 rounds and NO 3 putts. Bloody ripper

Chris Wood


I feel better over the putter than I have ever felt. Thank you for the insight. I'm very happy to have found this book

Jason Starkey

Happy client

I just wanted to let you know I am currently leading my club championships by 10 strokes with one round to play. I have a huge amount of confidence thanks to Look & Shoot

Anthony Rapley


Your vision into the game has already given me more confidence and less putts. My average is now 33 (down from 35/36) with my best of 30 putts!

Bob Apon


I have had tremendous success and am enjoying putting rather than dreading it. A decrease by .8 putts per round in the first 5 rounds.

Steve Roblin

Happy client

Just to say a huge thank you! My putting is coming on leaps and bounds! I’m also feeling more relaxed with the rest of my game. Early days I know but very happy with this feeling of confidence in the knowledge my game is improving!!

Christine Hirst

Happy client

Just want to thank you for helping me! I shot a 78 today with 3 birdies made.  I play to a 15 handicap and my putting is normally a struggle.  I am very excited ...

Jim Watson

Happy client

I played 18 today and I probably had the fewest putts I have ever had in a round.  I had about a 120 foot putt that I two putted which was remarkable.  I only had one 3 putt.  I am a total fan! I felt more relaxed and way more confident.   Thank you

Scott Hammond


Hi Cameron, my putting has improved trying your method.  I have suffered from the yips for years and actually hardly play golf any longer because of it.  I went from a +1 hcp to an 8 hcp.  I played on Saturday and had 27 putts in 18 holes.  10 one putts!

Michael Gordon

Happy client

Used your method today.....30 putts with two birdies. Thank you!

Tom Hammel


So much more relaxed and confident. Thank you for all you are doing!

Rick Grotts

Happy client

Here's A Recap on what You'll Learn:

How to unlock your natural putting stroke
How to putt your best under pressure instead of worse
How to enhance your natural putting stroke so it gets better and better over time.
How to bullet-proof your mindset so you putt your best right through to the 18th!
How to overcome the conflicting traditional putting golf advice
How to practice properly so you get Reward for Effort
How to sink more of those pressure putts
How to read greens like a magician so you'll reduce three-putting
How to maximize your scoring potential so you STOP leaving shots out on the course
How to increase learning, enjoyment and success!

Value: $1266

Today Only $397

Frequently Asked Questions:

What format is this product in?

Look & Shoot System is 100% electronic and is delivered via my Automatic Golf App. You can get access via any smart phone or tablet.

Why is Look & Shoot an electronic version?

Good question. The main reason is just speed of delivery. Back in the day I would print books (on demand) & then take them to the post office. It all takes time. Plus, books would go missing in the post so it was all a bit messy. Electronic version means you get access immediately - plus, I am able to deliver more supporting lessons with your purchase. So you're getting more bang for your buck. This includes videos and audios and all sorts of updated lessons.

Finally, if you want a hardcopy version, you can print out the PDF file easily - it comes in a print ready format.

How can I view/read Look & Shoot?

Look & Shoot is best viewed on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The content has been created so it can be viewed on almost any device.

Is this going to help me?

Because the information is based on a learning methodology, rather than all the technical stuff, it's almost impossible NOT to get better. We all have the same capacity to learn and Look & Shoot is all about helping you bring your most natural (and reliable) putting game to the surface.

What payment options are available?

Secure payment is available via Paypal or Credit card. Your details are safe as the payment processor is fully encrypted, utilizing the latest in online payment security.

Can I get a hard copy version?

No. The electronic version means you get immediate access to the Look & Shoot System. Plus, the bonus materials and any new updates are better delivered electronically. Some clients like to print out the training manual so they have a hard copy version (comes in a print ready file).

Is there a guarantee?

Yes and no. I absolutely guarantee if you simplify, remove clutter and start putting more freely (what Look & Shoot is all about) you'll have a breakthrough. A breakthrough can show up as fewer putts, more enjoyment or enhanced learning.

Is there a money back guarantee? No. There are no refunds on this purchase whatsover. So please take your time and make an informed decision. If you have any doubts about my claims and/or what Look & Shoot is about, please don't make a purchase today. You can see the full terms over here.

How does the coaching review work?

It's easy. After you've consumed the content and are ready, all you have to do is take a short video of you putting. This is really easy with a smartphone. The video doesn't need to be a Hollywood production - usually around 30 to 40 seconds (max). Take a video of you putting on the course is ideal. If you're really keen, you can take from front on and then behind.

From here, you'll need to send to me (via email or file sharing) and I'll do the rest.

I'll review the video and then add my own thoughts/ideas/lessons/coaching. This is all done on a private video which I'll send back to you. Most videos that you receive back are around 10-15 minutes long.

Not Sure? Here's more feedback on look & Shoot

It’s been a great summer of golf and have been playing my best these past few weeks. Thanks for helping me simplify my approach to putting.

Fritz Own


I love what you are doing. I have lower numbers and enjoy playing! I’m putting great getting 6 to 8 more putts in the hole.

Phil Plastic


I’m really pleased with it (my putting). Played to less than my handicap yesterday for the first time in ages. All down to less 3 putting. People are starting to notice how much better my putting is.

Sue Dawson

Happy client

I am encouraged so far with my progress.  I have played three rounds using the new method; two of the rounds showed much improved putting, the middle one was not a good day on the greens.  I made a minor adjustment after the bad day, changing the way I stepped into the ball...

John Gilbert

Happy client

My putting has improved dramatically over only 5 days with only 3 really short practice sessions. I consider myself to be easily above average as a putter but had found myself in a couple of month off patch. I never knew of your putting strategy but it turns out that I was doing a lot of those things without realising it. Your method is basically fool proof and I’m loving the ball rolling the way it should again.

Even more, my mother is a beginner golfer and she can’t putt for #%$@ but I gave her a 2-3 minute lesson using your methods and she instantly found some distance control and inadvertently had less putts without even realising it. Thanks heaps, now to start hitting it half decent again

Dale Cook


I was a bit skeptical about your method at first but decided it try it out. I have been playing for about 5 years and am on a HC of 24. I'm an avid golfer, watch the sport on tv (since i was a kid) and keep myself informed on you-tube of all the latest instruction.....there is a lot of it !
So yesterday i went to my local club and spent 15 min going through your putting routine. I then played our short 9 hole course (par 32). I decided to try your method for my shots (irons & driver) as well... walk to the ball and hit it.
I posted one of my best scores, 3 bogies & 6 pars.....a 35 which would have improved my HC to 21 and no 3 putts. I don't know if this was just a coincidence or my mind was freed up but I will definitely be using your method in the future and will keep you posted on the results.
Thanks & regards,

Michael Dunne


Whilst I did buy your book I was highly sceptical about it working.

However, I did as you suggested and hit a few balls in my hallway to find my natural putting style. I then went onto the putting green at my local club and practised.

I did this for a few times over a week or so and then played in a competition yesterday. I won it and whilst I was hitting the ball well off the tee and fairway I holed quite a few putts that I am sure I would have missed before. I won by 2 shots and I have to say that was down to my new putting technique.

I am still not sure how it happened but I am assuming that because my head was not filled with a million thoughts when I went to putt the ball that I was more relaxed. It certainly felt that way.

I obviously did miss a few putts and so I still need to concentrate more but your technique definitely worked for me and I now have a trophy to prove it!  Many thanks.

Gary Asim


I played my first round using the look and shoot method today at my home club Lahinch old course and I shot a 71 gross (par 72) where I had 28 putts with one 3 putt.

Last week I played there and I shot a 76 with 33 putts so the look and shoot method has definitely instantaneously helped my game.  

Overall I really felt relaxed and felt in the moment on all my putts (bar the one putt that contributed to the 3 putt) and only realised what I shot after I totted up my scores at the end of the round.

So there is great learning for me to bring into my golf game for the rest of the summer. As you can see I really have found your methods beneficial and I am looking forward to continually working on them



I started with your putting ebook and LOVED it. My putting is SO much better. I’m no longer standing over those short to medium putts in fear. My lag putting is much improved too. I’ve figured out my natural putting stroke and now I don’t even think about it. I’m loving putting again.

Elaine Bonds

Happy client

Since following your programme I joined a month ago my last 3 gross rounds have been -3, level, -2 with 31- 31- 30 putts per round. A big improvement on what came before and as a 64 year old 3 handicapper i can’t tell you how delighted I am - wish I’d found the method 50 years ago

Ian Smyth

Happy client

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