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Look & Shoot Advanced Course

How You Can Unlock Your Authentic Putting Game & Start Sinking Putts Consistently, In A Way That Matters To You.

Putting. It should be the simplest of all sporting tasks but it isn't. At least not for every golfer. Some of us crazy golfers are so bad at putting that golf can be downright miserable.

Get so nervous we can't take the putter away from the ball
We miss the easy putts and three-putt way too often
We feel depressed, embarrassed and start to dislike the game

Look & Shoot Advanced Video Course

Get immediate access to the full video course, including case studies and a deeper dive into the natural learning process

Here's some more detail.

Over two-hours of videos that’s ideal for those who like to “see” things in action

Amazing case studies
Putting yips module 
Expansion of the concepts laid out in the book.

Look & Shoot - Hardcopy version

For those that like the old school style and want to sit and read a book, my hardcopy version is for you

This book is based on, in part, what I coached one of the best putters on the planet. To be fair, my ideas have expanded since the original manuscript and has been shared with over 30,000 golfers around the globe. Look & Shoot uses a learning methodology and it truly makes enhanced putting no harder than throwing or catching a ball.

You also get a copy of my book "Swing First. Worry Later" included
Can be shipped all over the world and delivery varies depending on location
If you have an address, chances are I can get the book to you!

Look & Shoot Putting "Yips"

It was originally part of my advanced Look & Shoot Video Course, but I have separated it and offer it for a special deal

The embarrassment one feels when they have no confidence on the putting green is probably the worst thing imaginable.

What's the solution here?

The easy answer is we MUST learn to putt without fear of the consequences.

It can be easier said than done when you feel like you're about to throw up on the green.

But it is possible.

Dot Putter

The Amazing "Aussie" Putter That Makes Perfect Alignment & Putting With More Confidence Possible.

They say the best ideas are simple ones and I'm sure many are going to say, "why didn't I think of that?". I've been testing this putter for a while now and I really like this DOT system. It only takes a split second to get the perfect set-up and then you're away. Some benefits:

A fantastic feeling butter - it just feels so good in your hands
A sensational feeling grip. It is probably the best putter grip I have ever held
A unique alignment system which separates it from almost any other putter

Subliminal Putting Audios

Enhanced putting is oftentimes the fastest way to lower scores.

This might just be the “future” of golf learning. These subliminal audios have been created in conjunction with one of the best golfers Cameron has ever played with (winner on the Aussie Senior tour and +6 handicapper) and a world leader in subliminal learning.

Listen to the audios once or twice a week to have a dramatic positive effect on your putting game.

New: Now comes with advanced learning concepts for your entire game. 

Coaching Call With Cameron

Specific advice to HELP your putting

This is your opportunity to get some one-on-one putting coaching with me.

This offer includes a detailed video review of your putting game (done by me). All you have to do is send me a short video of you putting and I'll do the rest.

Plus, I'll also do a follow-up call with you to discuss things in greater detail. We can go over your video review

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