G’day, it’s Cameron Strachan here. If you’ve found this page then you’ve probably been listening to Mark Immelman’s, On The Mark Podcast with me as a special guest.

It was a real thrill to be a guest and Mark is a real pro when it comes to broadcasting, golf coaching and interviewing.

And if you’ve come this far then maybe you’re keen to learn more about my putting ideas and what I call automatic (or natural) learning.

Simply, Automatic Learning is a way to play your best golf WITHOUT getting bogged down with all the usual technical instructions.

Now, I don’t completely ignore technical advice (we all need some technique at certain points). But, and this is important…

I present technical ideas/concepts/theories in a way that will work WITH your learning system instead of against.

And I have found that this approach gives golfers the best of both worlds;

  1. You are able to make meaningful changes to your putting (or entire game) without destroying it in the process

  2. You are able to take your game to the golf course and perform with less clutter and confusion, especially when the pressure is on

I could go on and on about my approach and I’m sure you know the benefits of what simplified instruction can do for you (especially if you’re one of those golfers who struggles to make all those technical instructions work).


Mark has asked me to create a special offer for my product under the following rules:

Mark: It would be great if you could package something together for my listeners. It would be even better if you can give them a special offer.

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So, I figured if you’ve come this far you’re going to be interested in my thoughts on the putting game and how you can use your natural learning system to sink more putts…

So let’s start with my Look & Shoot Putting System Course.

Look & Shoot is based on what I coached Aaron Baddeley way back in the mid 90’s. And in fact, the product has morphed from a book into a little online golf learning resource. It now contains my deeper thoughts and concepts for mastering the putting game - but all from a natural learning perspective. If you’re looking for a simplified approach to putting because traditional ideas haven't worked for you, then I know you’ll get a lot out of it.

From Weakest to Strongest

“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.
“Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in
turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

“I believe that Cameron’s Putting System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”.

Aaron Baddeley

PGA Tour Star

Actually, Look & Shoot is way more than just a book. It’s a little multimedia resource that contains.

The updated training manual
The audiobook
The Fast Start Guide
Bonus audio
Detailed FAQ page (with all the most common questions/answers I’ve gathered over the years)

Bonus articles (around 10 and counting) that covers the content in more detail from the training manual
Extra thoughts/ideas/case studies
that come via email (this has been really popular)

Plus, you get the full video resource library that goes deeper into the nuance of my learning system. This contains over two-hours of video learning that includes, walk through of the system, case studies, deeper thoughts and concepts related to natural learning and a comprehensive module on eradicating the putting yips.

The graphic below will give you just a brief idea of what’s contained with my Look & Shoot package. There's actually way more that's on offer.

The Automatic Golf Fast Start Learning System

I’m also going to include my Automatic Golf Fast Start course that contains three e-books:

Swing First. Worry Later
Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach
Frustrated Golfer's Guide To Better Golf


You also get my Remarkable Golf Audio (60 minutes and comes with PDF transcription). This audio came about because one of my best students was so happy with his progress, he insisted I let him interview me and share my thoughts with golfers everywhere.


You will also receive two video case studies of Automatic Golf in action. You'll even get to see who I think is the best Automatic golfer I have ever seen.

While Look and Shoot covers the putting game, this little product has the rest of the game covered. You'll discover little coaching gems like,

How to practice way more effectively
How to nail your pre-shot routine so you avoid distractions
How to fix your golf swing without destroying your game in the process
How to play your best golf under pressure
Plus more.

Normally, if I were to sell these courses separately, the price would be in the vicinity of $350+. This includes all the ebooks (training manuals), videos, audios, articles and follow up lessons via email. 

But, because I promised Mark I’d give you a great deal, you can get both courses for only $99.99

Three important points:

I have been online for quite some time now (since 2004) and I need to point out these three important things before you proceed any further;

  1. All items are electronic/digital. There is nothing sent to you via the postal service because most peeps are happy to access the information right away. Access details are sent to your inbox immediately so please ensure you type your email address correctly on the next page. Any typo with your email address will cause a delay in you receiving your purchase and I don’t want that to happen

  2. My thoughts and ideas are far removed from mainstream technical golf instruction. If you are looking for quick-fix type instructions, technique based ideas or some fancy new theory, then you’ll be disappointed. If you’re really analytical and can’t get past the thought of “technique”, then I respectfully ask that you don’t make a purchase today.

  3. Finally, there are no “this was not what I was expecting” refunds on this purchase. I have long since given up on trying to sell to every golfer and no longer offer money back guarantees on my products (it’s mostly because of an increase in spammers who purchase and then ask for immediate refunds). So if you are unsure about the validity of my story, claims or coaching ideals, then please don’t proceed any further.

But, if all this sounds good and you’d like to take advantage of this special offer then please check out my super-secure checkout page below:

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