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If you’re interested in the FSP Swing Trainer, you’ll just love my Drive Launcher (DL) and Chip Master Pro (CMP) training devices. And because you've come this far, you can get them at a special price. Please see below for more:

The Drive Launcher is an objective based learning tool that helps you achieve the Flat Spot Principle, but this time with your drive club. The goal is simple ...

... swing your driver through the gates without touching the unit and you'll have performed a perfect swing. Practice this regularly and your golf swing will find a rhythm, power and consistency that has probably been lacking.

- hit the ball higher into the air and with less backspin (the secret to really hitting the ball long)

- sweep the ball from the tee and present the middle of the club with the centre of the golf ball

- increase power and consistency of your tee ball without needing to remember all those confusing golf tips and tricks.

- hit more fairways and maximize your scoring potential (because getting the ball in play from the tee is every bit as important as good putting)

The Drive Launcher allows you to learn the FSP with your driver. It looks easy enough but it's amazing how many golfers can't get their club through the gate. But spend some time learning this vital skill and you'll unlock your hidden power reserves and find greater consistency.

The CMP is another objective based learning tool that helps you learn crisp, clean and spinning chip shots.

– perfect contact
– spinning chips, just like the pros
– ideal technique (hands and weight forward)

Improve the confidence of your short game and see your scores improve. All this while working with your natural and inbuilt learning mechanism.

And that’s not all.

The CMP has been designed to hit balls from. So you can harness the power of your learning system and start hitting beautiful (and perfectly controlled) chip shots right away.

Here’s the deal.

Because I can send multiple items at a much better rate I am offering you the DL & CMP for only $37. Normal retail value is $74 so you're essentially getting two units for the price of one.

The Chip Master 

Watch the short video of the CMP in action