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Matt & John: Why some golfers are able to putt their best while others struggle for any sort of consistency

The Amazing Putting Learning System That Makes Successful Putting No Harder Than Throwing Or Catching a Ball.

Here's just some of what's contained in this special online offer


Get Cameron's best selling Look & Shoot Ebook that simplifies the putting game and allows you to unlock your true authentic stroke

Fast Start Guide

Ideal to get quick access to the core ideas of Look & Shoot. Works well as a refresher too.

Common Mistakes

This intro audio walks you through the most common mistakes golfers make with Look & Shoot

Look & Shoot FAQ

Comprehensive FAQ section that our clients tell us is worth the entire cost of the program

Bonus book 

Get Cameron's all-time most popular book, Frustrated Golfer's Guide to Better Golf. This is a great intro into Auto Golf. 

Email Support + bonus articles

Get email follow-up and bonus lessons sent straight to your inbox. Plus, there are 11 bonus articles that dig even deeper into the process

Weakest Link To Strongest

Aaron Baddeley - PGA Tour Star

“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest. 

“Using Cameron’s system has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.
“I believe that Cameron’s Look & Shoot System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”.

Want to start putting like an
over-confident teenager?

Get immediate access to Look & Shoot by clicking the big yellow button. Below is a graphic representation of what's inside Look & Shoot.

Look & Shoot Putting System (mini course)


Here's just some of what Cameron's clients have told him Look & Shoot has done for them.

Simplified their putting game
Allowed them to putt better under pressure
Sink more of those important "pressure" putts
Reduce 3-putting and those embarrassing misses
Maximise scoring potential
Changed their life!

Your Questions Answered

Can I get a hardcopy version?

Not at this stage. All the information is delivered via an online portal with immediate access once payment has been confirmed.

What is Look & Shoot about?

You’re going to get the natural learning (and completely updated) version of the putting system I taught to one of the world’s best putters. It’s simple & highly profound coaching that is going to help unlock your best putting game. 

Why can't I buy on Amazon?

You are getting more than an e-book. You also receive bonus coaching in the form of follow up emails, bonus audios and even a Fast Start Guide. This extra content cannot be delivered through another platform.

What currency is payment in?

All payments are in USD. We sell all over the globe and USD is the currency for online payments.

How can I consume/view the material?

The material can be viewed on mobile/cell, tablet, laptop or PC. All information is stored on a private member-only portal.

Is there a video of the system?

Yes. You can add the intro video version of Look & Shoot to your order on the next page. The video version also contains the Look & Shoot audiobook if that's of interest.

Get the Look & Shoot Putting System for only $27 (special intro offer)

This special limited-time offer will not last long.  Grab your copy now and get immediate access to this natural learning based putting program.

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