A Way Forward

Everyone has the ability to play better golf. While we’re not born with a golf club in our hand, learning is a natural phenomenon that is instinctive to us all. If we understand this and allow automatic learning to take place, the game gets easier not harder. 

By the way, I know what you're thinking. "This all sounds great Cameron but this stuff won't work on me". "My golf swing is wrong and I won't do any good until I fix it".

Well, this is the thinking I hear everyday. My only response to this is,

“you're not special, you do not have enough talent to bypass your learning system”.

Nobody does. Not even the great champions. 

And speaking of them, if you listen carefully to the champions they will give you an insight into how they perform. You've got to listen carefully because the media (or their coaches) claim it's because of a swing change or something newsworthy (like a new putter). All great performances are performed automatically and are free from interruption. Period.

Case Study

I don't know if I can tell you how wrong you've been in this short space but I’ll try. Every golfer is a person. You're not a robot and you're made from the same skin and bones as everyone else. We've all got the same wiring and therefore the same potential to play golf to a higher standard.

And here's the kicker...

... You can't find your real swing until you learn to automate. Conscious control gives you a mixed bag of results. You can't play consistently because you're getting in the way. And trying harder isn't the  answer either. You need a better way.

Here's a Case Study:

John “Steady” Stead came to me years ago. He was struggling and completely frustrated because he knew he had more potential. He lacked consistency despite trying really hard and spending a vast amount of time on his swing mechanics. But I introduced a new mindset to him. I told him about trying less, trusting his swing (and his natural learning system) and removing the straitjacket.

Two years later he had halved his handicap. Many years later he is one of the better players in his club and has a very low handicap. Golf is no longer a mystery for him and he plays better golf without fuss or fanfare.

Not that long ago he shot an amazing score of 51 stableford points. He did it without worrying about his swing or trying any new swing tip. He turned up and played the game of his life.

This new approach offers more. Steady now hits the ball further with less effort and there is little chance of strain or injury. When you unleash your instincts it’s almost like magic.

And by the way, his golf swing has improved without him needing to bust his hump and take lots of lessons. A better swing turned up as a natural side-effect.

And don't think I'm talking about airy-fairy methods like visualisation or meditation. I don't prescribe or recommend you go down that path either. What I'm on about is playing golf like you do most other skills in life. Riding a bike and driving a car. It’s real-world learning based on how we do everything else.

And there are golfers like Steady the world over. They might not be playing on the PGA Tour, but they’re sensational players. They get by, often with unorthodox technique, making the game look easy and getting more enjoyment and satisfaction than most. They play consistently and can make the game look ridiculously simple. These “natural” players are my heroes, and it has been my mission for over 20 years to uncover their secrets.