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Look & Shoot Putting System

The simple but highly effective Look & Shoot E-book that can have any golfer putting with more freedom and confidence. 

This book is based on what was coached to a young kid who later became one of the best putters in the world.

Look & Shoot Advanced Videos

Get the advanced video training for Look & Shoot and take your putting game to a new level. Comes with multiple videos and audiobook version. Special offer

BioSwing Golf

BioSwing, The Golf Swing Of The Future

Discover the golf swing model that has been described as, "the golf swing of the future".

A perfect blend of biomechanics and natural learning principles, BioSwing will allow you to swing with more power, while simultaneously reducing stress and strain on your body.

Swing First. worry Later.

This is Cameron's new book (launched August 2021) that takes you on a journey of learning and discovering. 

He digs deeper into the natural learning process and shows you how to cut through all those confusing technical instructions and come out the other side as a way better golfer.

Secret Confessions of a rogue golf coach

Cameron's controversial golf book that gets to the heart of golf improvement (the actual science of learning)

Get All The Books For A Special Deal

Want to get all the books and save a decent chunk of $$$ in the process? Then grab Cameron's book suite that contains his favourite (and most popular) books all in one package.

The Dot Putter

This amazing Aussie design has a unique alignment system that makes getting those tricky putts into the hole as simple as possible. I like to call this the "Automatic" putter. Pricing from $210

Cameron Strachan

Cameron has devoted his adult life to simplifying the golf learning process. He has traveled the globe and worked with sports scientists, learning experts & golf coaches and has written about his findings in his many books. This page lists his most popular works.

What People Are Saying

Weakest Link To Strongest Asset

Look & Shoot turned my putting from my weakest link into my strongest asset

AAron Baddeley

USPGA Tour Star

I vouch for these concepts

I come from a golfing family. My father was one of the most popular and recognised golf coaches in NSW. I have spent my life teaching golfers (especially older golfers) and studying the principles of the golf swing.

I can vouch for your methods contained in your book. The FSP is absolutely spot on!

Roger Podmore

Golf coach and Biomechanist

Get All The Books

Here's your chance to own Cameron's most popular books for the best price. Save over 50% by purchasing them in bulk!

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