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Your Questions Answered

What's this book about?

Based on my most important discovery - the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle). It's all about true simplification and why some actions give disproportionate results. Discover golf learning's most important fundamentals

What else can you tell me?

This is ideal for any golfer that has gone down the technical rabbit hole and is looking for a way out. If you have ever experienced easy, amazing and consistent golf, but you don't know how you got there, then the Automatic Golf Bible will explain it to you.

Why an ebook?

I have found time and time again that my clients love the immediate access thing. There's no waiting. You can be reading (and learning) in minutes. Plus, this purchase comes with the supporting videos.

How long is this offer available?

The price shown is a special offer. In fairness to those who got onboard during the special timeframe, the price will return to normal soon. 

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This special limited-time offer which includes the supporting videos.

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